Do You Feel Like Somebody Is Watching?

For me, being watched all the time is not really a cool thing. My privacy is not really a privacy. I will not take that. But how about at work? How would you deal with being watched at work?

For security and safety purposes, establishments install spy cameras in all controversial areas of the premises. Security-because companies protect their businesses and premises either from outside or inside threats. Safety-because companies try to avoid accident threats, even theft within the workplace. Actually almost all establishments today have them. A device like this has the same advantage as using GPS Tracking systems of some sort.

The store I am in right now has cameras in all areas of the store. All those who are working on cash registers are on cameras all the time, even I. Tracking cameras are positioned where the in-charge can see the person who works on the registry. We employees should not take it as an offensive thing. It is a part of assets protection. As long as we do our job with honesty and dignity, there will be no trouble.

Speaking of tracking, have you experienced being tracked? It is a trend right now to have GPS tracking on vehicles to find out where a person’s current location. Same with spy cameras, it is helpful in tracking a loved one or a friend. I know it is quite odd but for safety concerns, using GPS tracking is beneficial.

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Working Girl

Oh my! I am working straight this week until Monday. I am starting to wake up early in the morning…again. Ten months ago I was enjoying the pleasure of waking up eight o’clock in the morning, walking around the apartment complex, and shopping at every stores nearby. Besides spending most of my time on the Internet, I also enjoyed traveling in the country with my honey. Now that I am having a full-time job, the things I usually do will be pretty much limited.

Well, it is better this way. I have a job and I like it. Our plan of going back to the Philippines this year is at hand. So we need to save up…on everything. I am so thankful to the Almighty I got this job. It is a new working environment for me, the challenge is so high. I need to be more patient and get a shower of smartness (smiles).

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