Alone On Valentine’s Day

Yes you read it right. I am alone on Valentine’s Day…at work. My co-associates in customer service are off. Well, C is on a one week vacation with her husband (they are in Louisiana). And K is on a day off. I am swamp but I am doing well in my job, as always 🙂

My big boss said, “how did it happen you are by yourself on a Sunday and Valentine’s Day? But I see you handle everything well. That’s good!”

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Will Be Working Eight Days…Again

Well, the three-day weekend is over. I will be working 8 days in a row again. What??? Yeah, I have to pay the price. But, after the continuous work, a four-day weekend is coming up. Woohoo! That is what I am looking forward to. I just don’t have to think about waking up very early in the coming days.

You know, we have to be ready for what’s coming. Like, weird work schedules. Ugh!

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Customers Will Always Remember A Good Customer Service

From the day I got back to work from my vacation, each and every minute in my workplace is very busy. I guess because it is the holiday season again. In addition, employee discounts and Veterans Day specials were on this week. Shoppers go in the store looking for outfits, gifts, home furnishings, and home decor in preparation to the upcoming Thanksgiving event in their homes. Parties are now organized so as, early as now, young people are shopping for their some cute outfits.

High level of customer service should be maintained all the time not only for days like these. Customers will always remember a good customer service. Like what I always say, it needs a lot of patience and dedication.

From a fun relaxed getaway, now I am back to work!

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