Secure Your Work Files Before Traveling

My husband has been planning to buy a new CPU for his part-time work at home.  He has to find one immediately before we leave in three months for a month-long vacation to the Philippines.  Imagine how time flies.  In 90 days, we will be flying back home to spend the Holidays with my family.  And he needs to accomplish and secure his work before we go.

He needs to secure job-related files so a new computer is the answer.  He does not want to keep them in our shared computer at home.  So my husband is looking for an affordable CPU.  He tried checking with few online Geek Store and tech in-stores.  I know men are very firm on shopping for what they need but when it comes to electronic gadgets and tech items, they are very picky too.  A friend suggested to have an online back-up like Carbonite to save the highly important data we have in our computer.  And there will be a discount if we get avail the Carbonite offer code 2012.  Sounds interesting though.

Well, I don’t know.  Maybe my husband will get what he needs soon because I do not want to think about it since I will be very busy organizing our travel and accommodations.  It is going to be a very hectic vacation as usual, so I do not want an additional stress.  Speaking of stress, I should go to the mall tomorrow and buy a new luggage.  Then I can use my Nordstrom coupon.

Look For A Part Time Job

Do not hesitate to look for a part time job when needed. Because we need extra income to support our family needs, a part time job on weekends might be of help.

Some department stores hire part timers especially on holiday season. And if you get lucky, who knows you will become a full time employee in the company.

Take your chances. Strive for the best.

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It’s A Sudden Thing

Had a very bad day at work. My headache’s killing me. It is a sudden thing. I do not know…after I ate lunch, I started feeling weird when I get back to work. Ugh! I hate it when my body is not in it’s 100% well.

I appreciate my work mate K for closing for me. I really couldn’t make it until 9:30 this evening. My stomach really feels weird and I cannot do anything until I get home.

We cannot focus on our job if we are not feeling well. It is better to go home and take a rest than continue our shift and be miserable. But, of course, we need to talk to our boss about the situation.

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