Keep The Important Communications On File

I submitted my day off request finally. My boss will work on our schedules this weekend so we can have them available next week.

I never found the dentist’s appointment letter so I just called his office and inquired about my appointment in September. The dental assistant said it is on the 4th of September, Friday. So I requested Friday to Sunday off. That’s all.

By the way, keep the important communications on file so you will not lose track of appointment dates.

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Gone Home Without Advising J

I feel bad. Why? Because my associate N and I left the store last night without telling the home are manager that we were leaving. She called us and said not to leave yet because the men’s restroom on the second floor was flooded. Then the seasonal department associate was still recovering her area. I was very tired and hungry too. ‘Did a lot of gift wrapping in the afternoon. But I helped with the recovering. After a while, N said we had to go. So we clocked out, but we told the men’s department manager that we were going.

I feel guilty. Aw, I hope everything was fine last night.

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Still In The Office At 2 A.M.

It is 2:00 A.M. I am still awake…waiting for my husband to come home from work. You might ask what in the world is he doing in the office at this time of early dawn? He is working on the project that the company is dealing with right now. The release is in the next two months. My husband said that everybody at work is a bit pressured in this project because there is another one coming.

So my husband’s working time will be adjusted for two weeks. It started yesterday. He does not like it but the tests for the project has to be done fast. He is does his job well so I know everything will be perfect.

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