My Sister Should Wear This On Her Graduation Day

Year 2014 is approaching fast and we’ll be celebrating the New Year before we know it.  You know how much I look forward to our family’s next long vacation.  I love going to a vacation.  Relaxing and having a great time with the family in a beach resort.  My husband and I are planning to another vacation in the next two years so we can save enough money.

But early next year is my youngest sister’s graduation from college.  I talked to my husband about going home to attend the graduation.  Just me.  It would be difficult for me if I’ll take my little one with me.  Traveling with a toddler by myself is not gonna be easy.  Plus, my husband will be totally worried about us.

Hopefully I can go home on my sister’s graduation day because, I already searched for graduation dresses 2013 and found a graduation dress for her.  I have also seen a dress that I would like to wear on her graduation day.  The A-Line/Princess Halter Knee-Length dress on the left will mostly likely fit for my sister.  It’s too cute!  She likes pink and I can imagine how gorgeous she would look in that dress in pink.  The dress on the right, Square Neckline Kate Middleton Style, is perfect for myself to wear on the occasion.  I like the color of it because it’ll make me look taller.  🙂  On special occasion like this, you would want to find a dress first before anything else.

I am so optimistic that I will be able to attend my sister’s graduation day next year.  If it’s confirmed, the next step is planning a family dinner at our favorite resort hotel.

Shop Discounted Clothing For Your Every Day Travels

Two months since I got back from a long vacation with my family, I just recently got the chance to do some online shopping.  It’s true because I got busy here at home.  Plus, our travel bills have to paid at least half of the charge so I did not do shopping for a couple of months.  Well, now I got started.  Spring is almost here and, as usual, the last season’s merchandise are marked down very low because new items are coming in.

I always go for the cheapest price of the items I like.  Even when we are on travel or vacation, my husband and I always like to find great deals on souvenirs and homecoming gifts.  There is nothing wrong with shopping cheap yet with good quality merchandise.  This toddler dress that I bought for my little girl at was a good buy.  At the store, everything is less than $10.  It’s really nice shopping here.  With lots of selection on apparel and accessories, the store also have super low markdowns.  I got this toddler dress for less than $5.  What a deal!  Now my darling daughter has something stripe for the 4th of July.


If you are searching for good deals online, try and shop with convenience.  You can find discounted clothing which you can wear on your every day travels.

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Vacation Part 4: A Day Of Pampering And Bonding With My Sister

December 11 – Still in a zoned out mode from the flight, I went and picked up my dear sister at the airport (NAIA).  She flew from the province the next day of our arrival from the US.  It was only an hour flight from Tacloban, Leyte to Manila.  That was the very first time she have flown.  My sister said it was a great experience though she got a little worried when turbulence occurred.  I told her that she will fly with us some more during our vacation.

My sister and me in front of the big and tall Christmas tree in NAIA.

Going back to the hotel, we took a taxi to Cherry Blossoms.  There are yellow taxi cabs marked ‘Airport Taxi’ that you can take but there’s a long waiting line.   There are also ones in white with ‘Bayan Ko, Sagot Ko’ on them.  Both have fixed rates depending on the destination.  And the rates aren’t cheap.  Walking towards the highway, we took a metered-taxi and I only paid like $7.  I don’t like taxi rides because I am not good in negotiating fares.

We arrived at the hotel very late in the afternoon because of heavy traffic.  My husband and daughter were still sound asleep.  They woke up about 7 P.M. and everybody’s ready for a big dinner.

December 13 – After visiting the sponsored child in Manila yesterday, my dear sister and I went to the mall for a girls’ day out.  I told my husband that today’s our day off so no scheduled meet ups or family visits.  Also, the next day’s the trip to Albay to visit the other sponsored child in Tabacco.  So we all needed a relaxing day before flying to the Bicol Region.


I promised my sister that I will take her to a facial cleaning.  I have been to Let’s Face It before.  The attendants are friendly and polite.  They’ve been working there for years and their hands are very light when touching your skin.  The facial service charge is affordable too.  Again, this was my sister’s first facial experience.

My sister in green. She said tears rolled down her eyes after a tedious facial cleaning. I said, “Same here.”
Men and women come to have their nails done.

After that, we strolled inside the mall and did a little shopping.  My sister was very happy.