Fully Booked

This month of April 2012 our weekends are fully booked and we already have plans to do besides doctor’s appointment and stuff.

April 6-8, Easter Celebration at in-laws place

April 14, Fil-Am group meeting and kid’s birthday party

April 21, Bridal Shower of hubby’s niece

April 22, Wedding Anniversary trip to Oklahoma

April 27-28, Medical procedure and recovery

Gee, it’s our 4th Wedding Anniversary on Thursday and I haven’t done anything like dinner preparation.  So many things occupy me these days.  Ah, what to do?  What to do?

I know!  Fine dining sounds good.  I will just search for nice restaurants in Rockwall.  ‘Definitely we will try something else this time.  A not-so-loud restaurant maybe, because baby wouldn’t like too much noise.  Oh, this is hard.  Any suggestions?

Typical Sunday At Work

It is kind of busy in the store today. Usually Sundays are quite slow because people go to Church and stay at home. But we get busy today mostly in gift wrapping for bridal. Oh, Spring wedding is on and Summer wedding are planned ahead. Bridal showers are held everywhere 🙂

We do not have a break on Sundays, unfortunately. But we can go get a snack (with permission from a manager, of course). I feel sad working by myself on Sundays. Good thing two of us are working today 🙂

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