Keeping In Touch With The Family In High-Definition Communication

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The Internet has been a big help to me since college. Because I did not have the complete reference books, I researched most of my assignments online. Proud to say, I was in the Dean’s List until I graduated.

I rely on the Internet so much. Even the communication to my family back home is mostly through chatting on the web. One of the best chat service I have had installed in my computer is Skype. I had this software for years. In fact, I met my husband online. Since we had a long distance relationship, our getting-to-know dating was via video chat with Skype.

Of course, you cannot video chat without a high quality web camera. I admire my husband’s FV ExpressCombo webcam from faceVsion that, he said, he used when we were chatting on the weekends. Plus, the compatibility of the gadget to Skype’s features really gave high quality output. A big difference between my low end webcam back home and his faceVsion webcam is undeniable. Whenever I video chat with my parents or siblings, I can see them clearly without interruption. Works really great for me. Actually, these HD web cameras can be of great use in business video conferencing too.


Another thing from faceVsion is the FV touchcam N1, the first Internet streaming true HD webcam for Skype video calls. It has a built in H.264 encoder for superb video experience. I recommend this to my sister to use on her laptop. These HD web cameras are available through or faceVision on line store and other value added partners. Since it is back to school, is offering $10 off any purchase using the promo code FVTBTS2 at checkout. Promo ends 9/30/10.

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Good Luck To All The Participants

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who casted their votes for my Dream Job entry in the last two months.’s “Dream Job For A Day” campaign has ended and the voting is now closed. I am so delighted because my entry is included in the top ten ranking. Right now is in the process of judging the video entries. To all the participants, good luck to us!

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What’s Interesting About 3GP Data Format?

Most of the people in many parts of the world use mobile phones. These have become such a part of everyday life one wonders how we ever managed without them. Aside from their communication advantages, almost all mobile phones now have music and video features which we enjoy. You know what? These music and videos are supported by 3GP. 3GP (Third Generation Presence) is developed as a container format for multimedia files in general and video files in particular. The file extension 3gp is often times referred to as the simplified counterpart of the MP4. That is why we can record videos using our mobile phones. And when transferred to our computers, we will be able to view these videos on whatever platforms we got (e.g. Windows) because 3GP videos are compatible with multimedia player programs. Cool huh? But take note, not all mobile phones provide support for the format in the same way that a multimedia player for PCs.

Some people are having a hard time opening the 3GP videos. Why? Because the computer is so slow and the registry is starting to bog down. So the best thing to do is to scan the computer’s registry to check for errors and conflicts. This will also help repairs and optimizes the registry to max out performance and stability.

‘Just sharing some interesting technology information here guys.

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