Who Says We Cannot Afford Travel And Tours?

A vacation is totally the most wonderful thing a person could give to himself. Everybody needs a vacation. Working in a stressful job, I bet you want to go somewhere…escape from the tiring environment for a while…or a family getaway on special occasion. That would be good.

I know traveling is expensive. There is airfare (if air travel is preferred), hotel accommodation, transfers, and extra money for miscellaneous expenses. Some say only those “who can afford” are the ones who have the advantage to go for a vacation. I disagree. Even an ordinary person can travel anywhere he wants to go if he saves money for it. And planning ahead of time is the wise thing to do to get the best deals on travel and tours.

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Sports Fanatic Travelers

Great! The sports fanatics are going away. My two guy friends will travel together to watch big Basketball Championship game in Missouri this month. Yes, that is how dedicated they are.

The schedule is set and the accommodation is final. They will be staying in Hilton Hotels, the Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing. It is the recommended hotel to stay on Spring events such as basketball and golf tournaments. Hilton Hotels offer plenty of specials and packages for everyone to enjoy. One of them is the Advance Purchase Special which gives a significant savings on buying an accommodation package ahead.

A Filipino friend of mine in Indiana said they should have reserved at the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel. She stayed there for a vacation last year and they really had a great time. But my guy friends already booked their stay at the Promenade.

I hope, my honey and I will get the opportunity to start our travels. Maybe Missouri is the place we will go visit first. From good feedback I heard, it is hard to choose which hotel to stay. Oh well, they are both Hilton’s so it does not matter which one. What is important is the satisfaction you get from the luxury offered by these hotels.

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Have A Safe Travel Naomi!

If I am not mistaken, today is my friend and ‘kababayan’ (townmate) Sweet Pinay’s schedule to fly back to the Philippines for a vacation. She married a guy from South Carolina a year ago. She was also from Leyte and living in the same town. I am happy to know that she is my childhood friend’s cousin. Nice huh? Sweet Pinay and I met in The World Of Filipinas, a social community of Filipinas.

Have a safe travel Naomi! Do not forget my ‘pasalubong’ okay? ^-^

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