Have You Already Planned Your Summer Vacation?

When my associate N came back from lunch today, he was complaining how hot and humid it was outside. I said after the storm, the sun will show up and the heat is intense. He told me not to go out for lunch because of the heat. I said I will just eat at the food court.

Being hot under the sun makes him want to go to the beach. N said that he and his girlfriend are considering the thought of going to Myrtle Beach Resort in South Carolina. His girlfriend’s father will pay for the half of the vacation expenses. I think that is so wonderful. I have been hearing about Myrtle Beach Resorts which are highly recommended by travelers. And the accommodation in Myrtle Beach Hotels are fine as well as reasonable for guests satisfaction.

I love going to the beach in the Summer. I hope we can visit Myrtle Beach in the near future. How about you? Have you already planned your Summer vacation?

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Back From Vacation, Back To Reality

Arriving from our two-day vacation, we are very tired. Driving to and from Oklahoma took six hours total. We took a different route yesterday. Instead taking I-20, we took Loop 820, I-35, and Highway 82 passing the towns of Gainesville, Sherman, and Denison. When we passed by the bridge over the Red River (Texas-Oklahoma border), the excitement was in the air.

The trip was fun. My husband and I played some games at the casino. What is amazing is that I won a couple of hundred dollars. And you know what, the buffet dinner was awesome! My plan to go swimming in the hotel’s pool spa was canceled because of the cool winds. I brought my Springy swimsuit and it has not been worn. Aw.

Tonight we will relax and sleep early. We are back to reality (chuckles). That means we will go back to work tomorrow.

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This Year’s Goal: Car And Travel

The idea of getting me a car is somewhat surprising to me. First, I do not know what brand of car to get. Second, I do not think we have enough budget to buy a car. Pre-owned cars’ prices today are very high…what more for a brand new one? Lastly, I am not 100% confident with my driving yet.

But thinking about my situation right now, I really need to have a car. Though my workplace is close to our home, there are moments I am having difficulty walking towards there because the weather gets unpredictably wicked. Like this morning, the wind was blowing like crazy. I almost blown away! My husband can only drop me off to work if my schedule is at noon.

Getting a car is the second goal this year. What is the first goal? ‘Vacation back home (to the Philippines).

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