Tasks And Updates

While my husband is busy snoring on the couch, yours truly is busy working on my online tasks. I…

1. …spent few minutes EC dropping a while ago.
2. made some coffee (the weather is kinda strange. It’s freezing!)
3. updated Mhar’s Display
4. working in Farmville while the television is playing “Harry Potter” in the background 🙂

Later, I will start reading the Instructions To Remove Conditions on Residence. Hah! Paper works again. I need to file the petition next month to retain the legality of my residency here in the USA. Lots of things going on right now. I should use time wisely.

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Approved for Permanent Residency

This is great! As I was checking with the USCIS regarding the status of my Application to Register for Permanent Residency or Adjustment of Status (AOS), it appears to me that they have sent me a notification on July 30 stating that I am now registered as a permanent resident. Wow! This is good news. We filed the application on May 26 and it took only two months for the processing. I remember I posted an entry here about the transfer of my application to California Service Center. They did not require me for an interview and I am so glad about the quick approval. Together with my AOS, they also approved me for a Travel document. Of course, I appreciate the assistance of my friends in The World of Filipinas and Visa Journey.

God is good.
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Application Transferred

I got a letter from USCIS and I am so excited to open it. After a month of the first Notice of Action (NOA) letter stating the receipt of the forms for the Adjustment of Status (AOS), this new letter says that my case was transferred to California Service Office. Great! I think this means that the processing will not take a long time until I get the approval.

I just hope that there will be no ‘Request for Evidence’ (RFE) notices because I am definitely sure we have submitted the complete forms and supporting documents in my application.

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