Transforming the Las Vegas Hotel Industry

The Las Vegas Strip has evolved tremendously thanks to the development from major investors in the hotel and resort industry. Passionate investors have seized the opportunity to transform the entire landscape of Las Vegas from a gambling mecca into a sophisticated tourist hot spot. Casinos no longer dominate the scene of the Las Vegas Strip. Tourists can now enjoy plenty of other activities after having some fun on the slot machines, table games and off track betting. Entertainment, dining, nightlife and fun define the new image of Las Vegas thanks to some wealthy individuals that have invested a significant amount of money into “Sin City.” Stephen Wynn is an example of one of the major developers that have rebuilt the Las Vegas Strip with personal investments and brilliant ideas.

For example, it’s tough to imagine that golf courses would remain on the Las Vegas strip where ambling is rampant. These days, it is still possible to walk out of a casino and enjoy a game of golf that is only steps away from slot machines and card games. The interior of major hotels and resorts in Las Vegas have also been transformed with a new theme that goes beyond gambling. For example, lavish decorations that are inspired by classical themes now decorate the hallways and main lobbies of major high rising hotels. Some wealthy hotel investors even display their own personal art collections for all guests to appreciate and enjoy. Renaissance paintings and sculptures now add aesthetic appeal to hotels that have been traditionally known for their gambling themes.

Another brilliant idea for enhancing high rising hotels in Las Vegas involves opening observation decks. Located on rooftops or some of the upper level decks in hotels, observation areas offer panoramic views of the entire city of Las Vegas. Such views surely come with an entrance fee that is charged even for hotel guests. Tourists can’t resist the opportunity to enjoy a night scene of the Las Vegas skyline. Similarly, rooftop dining is another attractive concept that is being considered by management companies of major hotels and resorts in “Sin City.”

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Las Vegas has become a major entertainment hub on the west coast thanks to the great vision of major investors in the hospitality industry. Many hotels have their own venues that are dedicated to providing live entertainment featuring music, laughter and joy for the audience. Some of the nation’s funniest comedians and best magicians are often based in the hotels of Las Vegas when they are not on national tours.

The liquor industry has also transformed the Las Vegas strip. Hotel management companies have acquired liquor licenses that make it possible to sell some of the world’s finest spirits to hotel guests. French red wines and Cognacs can be exclusively enjoyed by hotel guests at onsite bars that have contemporary and chic settings. Fine dining has also been incorporated into the overall experience of any major hotel and casino in Las Vegas. To add more excitement to Las Vegas, some hotel managers and investors often invite film producers and other media companies to come over and shoot some scenes. Tourists often get the chance to be featured in some clips for mainstream movies or other cool multimedia productions that are shown on TV and internet outlets such as social media.

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Answering the Call to Vegas

A weekend getaway to enjoy the casino, plenty of partying and many other attractions is exactly what attracts so many to Las Vegas every year. This glorious city of corruption is situated in the middle of a dessert and is known to many as Sin City. Even though it’s become family-friendly, there are still many reasons not to travel to Vegas with children. The destination includes many casinos, legal prostitution, bars open nearly all night and parties going on for days.

Las Vegas for Twenty Somethings

Vegas is perfect for those ranging from 21 to 29 years of age with a little money to blow. If you are looking for a city that never sleeps and a place you can do just about anything without others passing judgment, a trip to Vegas will give you exactly what you need. Of course, like any other destination, there’s a good time to go and a less desirable time to go. Here are a few quick travel tips for your next trip.

1.  When Should You Travel?

Deciding on a time to take a trip to Vegas is very important. If you want to enjoy the best weather in the area, you need to travel between the months of October and March. However, this is also the most expensive time to go. Those on a budget can save a significant amount of cash by traveling over the hot summer months. If you plan to spend most of your time in casinos, bars, restaurants and indoors, you won’t be bothered by the scorching outside summer heat.

2.  Consider more than Casinos

Nearly every hotel, from Caesars Palace to the Luxor, includes a casino and you will find many not attached to hotels. Casinos can provide quite a bit of enjoyment, but Vegas offers so much more. From the underground paranormal world to the nightclubs, you need to plan your trip with more in mind than just gambling. Las Vegas is home to many renowned shows, natural landmarks and other activities. You can enjoy a race at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, a spring training Oakland Athletics baseball game, some of the most amazing golf courses or even a tour of the hoover dam.

3.  How long should you stay?

Staying in Las Vegas too long can become expensive in a hurry. It’s easy to go through a few hundred dollars a day and many seasoned travelers only stay for 2 to 4 days. Any longer and you might run out of money before you enjoy everything you set out to see and experience.

Taking a weekend trip to Las Vegas is a great way to celebrate a 21st birthday, get away from the normal or just enjoy some of the more corrupt activities you don’t get to enjoy regularly. Whatever your reason for the trip, make sure you use the above tips to help see more of what Vegas offers.