a-plane and sky

Traveling is so much fun, and it is so heart-warming for sure! It also makes you experience a lot more than just sitting at your home. But all those new experiences might make you forget about some essential stuff! In order to help you not to forget about it all, below you will find a short list of stuff you just can’t forget. It will definitely improve your whole traveling a lot more and make your experience even more perfect. So – let’s get to it right away! 

  • Online coupons for the booking. You should never forget that there are thousands of online coupons that will let you book any hotel room  a lot cheaper! Just like these Hotels.com online coupons I got from ChameleonJohn.com! It seems like nothing, but in reality it really works magically well. So you can enjoy traveling the world in a much smaller cost!
  • Photocopy of your personal documents. It is also very important not to forget to make a copy of your ID or passport. There might be some unplanned events and you can lose it. With a photocopy of it you will be able to return to your country or just to prove something really necessary. For instance – always bring a few copies of your wedding license if you are traveling in Muslim countries.
  • You should also always inform your bank or credit company if you are leaving the country for long. The company might assume that your card was stolen and somehow got abroad and they might block it. And so you can leave standing without any money. To avoid that – contact your bank and inform that you are leaving the country. This way they will know that is you who is spending money somewhere in Thailand.
  • While you pack, use some basic packing tricks. For instance – roll your clothing rather than folding it. It actually saves a lot of space in your bag or luggage and it will surely let you pack more important stuff than clothing. Of course, not all clothing works well with rolling. Some like to be folded more, so keep that in mind and don’t forget to get creative while packing. It can save you some time and space for sure!
  • If I started to talk about packing, then I need to remind you to always pack a pair of earplugs with you. You don’t really know the place very well and all the stuff that can bother you during those few precious hours of sleep. Those little miracle makers will let you get well-rested and it won’t take any space in your bag too.
  • Also, don’t forget to bring your headphones with you. Nobody want to hear what music you are listening and so why not avoid doing that and pack your headphones too? Also, there are going to be a lot of plane rides and buses and you will enjoy it more with your favorite music. Trust me, pack your headphones. You won’t regret that!
  • Finally, your personal medical kit should find some space in your luggage. Especially if you are suffering from a migraine or stomach aches. Somewhere abroad it might be pretty hard to find the right medicine, so you should prepare for all illnesses at home and while packing. 
a-boarding pass
Passport and boarding pass.

In order to make your traveling and vacation more hassle-free, store your important documents in a very sturdy travel bag which you can carry around without difficulty.  Travel documents like passports, air tickets, hotel confirmations, and money are the most important things.  Always keep them secure wherever you may go.

Visiting The Folks Without Hubby Because He Is At Work

Well because me and my family cannot come over to see the folks in Tyler on Easter Sunday, my husband let me and my daughter go to see them yesterday and spend the night.  My mother-in-law will be busy in the coming weeks before she and dad can visit us on April 2oth.

It’s my very first time driving to Tyler without my husband with us because it’s a weekday.  I thought it would be nice to let our darling daughter see her grandparents, cousins, and aunt because we already have an early commitment on Easter Sunday.

Driving yesterday was not bad.  The roads were not busy at 1:00 in the afternoon.  I thought I will be having trouble with the traffic.  The only thing that concerned me was my little girl’s demands.  She wanted me to sit beside her, give her a hug, and asking for a toy or book that she dropped and I cannot reach.  So I have to be in a very calm voice so she won’t feel like I am upset or something.  But in the middle of my driving 75 MPH, I had to stop and pull over on  the shoulder because I noticed the open doors warning.  And when I checked, it’s the door at the backseat passenger where my daughter sits.  Arg!  She can reach it already.  I also double checked the car seat making sure that it’s not wiggly.  I have to be very extra attentive.  Usually, my little girl sleeps when where on the road.  But when she knows that we are going to grandma and grandpa’s house, she won’t even take a short nap because she’s excited.

We will just take it easy today.  What’s important is that, my little girl and the grandparents will have a wonderful time together.

Day 5, July 8: Last Day Of The 5-Day Weekend

Okay, so time flies by fast when you are having fun.  That’s true.  The 5-day weekend is over.  It’s 4:00 P.M.  Now we are home, relaxing from a busy travel.  My husband asked me if I enjoyed our trip.  Of course I did.  That was first time seeing a big State Park and Resort by the lake.  I love nature so going to parks and wildlife or resorts is interesting to me.

The hardest part for me when getting home from a long road travel is unpacking and tidying up.  Whew!  I sure don’t like it.  That is why, sometimes, our travel bag is still filled with clothes (not dirty ones) until the next scheduled trip.

Anyway, it is almost supper time.  A to-go order of Fajita combo from a Mexican restaurant nearby sounds good.

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