New Travel Bag

My husband told me the other day that we have to buy a new travel bag.  The red travel bag that he has been using since the day we met needs to be replaced.  It served its purpose for almost a decade.  There are signs of wear but the bag is still in good shape.  I thought, we will buy a new one for my husband to use for our next trip and I will use this one.  How about that?

Red Travel Bag

This red travel bag can be hand-carried.  It has small wheels so it can also be pulled and pushed around.  I like this bag because it has a total of nine outside pockets (compartments), which are very useful storage for our small knick-knacks.  And it is a very convenient travel item to carry even on a long vacation, too.

I wonder where can I find something like this?  I might try to check a reduced-priced store.  Well, I have to look for good deals on high quality travel bags.  For now, the priority is applying for a passport for my little princess.  We are thinking to book the flights to the Philippines very soon.  This is going to be another busy year for us.