Makes A Good Souvenir

Road travel going out of town is always fun especially if we are entertained by good and beautiful music in our vehicles.  With good sound system installed, what more can you ask for?  With high technology improving so much today, we can play and listen to our favorite modern and Oldies Music with the use of the iPod or even an iPad.

Many of us love music.  To me, songs from the past are the best and the most relaxing to listen to.  I would love to collect or compile oldies music in a CD when I get the chance.  It will surely make a good souvenir too.

I like listening to music while driving because it breaks the road noise and hypnotism.  Of course, I do listen in moderate volume so it won’t be distracting.

Entertaining Travel Gadgets

It is nice to bring a reading and activity materials when traveling on a bus, on a plane, or in a car.  A novel, a couple of favorite magazines, and puzzle books (like Sudoku and crossword puzzles) can be very entertaining.  Unless you are not interested in this type of hobby, another way to kill time is…sleeping.  Hahaha!

Kidding aside, bringing bulky reading materials can be handful.  There are gadgets that you can get as travel companion.

iPad – a very handy, light gadget to carry anywhere.  Wi-fi available and no need for keyboard.

Nook – a smart way to carry for reading.  Loaded with the  favorite books, magazines, and activity, this gadget is good for book enthusiasts.  Free apps for Nook are available for download which adds to the package.

iPhone – who doesn’t have one nowadays?  Me!  Hahaha!  This e-gadget brings the Internet, wireless telecommunication, games, music and even movies convenient to users.  Photo sharing is easier too!

These gadgets truly give us lots of fun especially those who love surfing the web and, also, if we are traveling overseas.  We can get wi-fi Internet access in most areas in big cities of our destination.  I love the privilege of modern technology.

I Want A New Digital Camera

One of my electronic gadget needs an ‘upgrade’.  Yes.  I need to get a new digital camera.  Well, my husband bought a Canon Powershot digital cam for my birthday two years ago.  I loved it.  It’s just that, I want a new one.  🙂  A woman is never happy.  Haha!

I am fond of cameras.  Although they don’t like me.  I am not photogenic.  But I do like taking pictures especially when I am traveling.  Photography is one of my frustrations but it makes me happy when I take good pictures of people, places, animals, and plants.  I am more interested in taking photos of plants particularly flowers.  A picture speaks a thousand words.  And pictures are memorable things to keep.  That is why whenever we go travel or just a short visit with family and friends, I always like picture-taking.  I am among you who love capturing the beauty of a vacation spot-the beach, island, resort, and even theme parks.

In addition to the skills, a very nice and high quality digital camera can capture photos more beautifully.  I am wishing to have a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera in the near future.  Who knows, I will become a good photographer someday.  With the help of fast growing technology and high quality camera, I can work on this as a side.  Then I can take pictures beautiful pictures of my family and everything around me.