Inner Space Cavern Tour

The second day (Wednesday) of our mini vacation in Austin is the most exciting day because it’s the Fresh Beat Band’s concert to be held in downtown.  Since the concert is in the evening and we have traveled this far, we decided to visit a tourist attraction.  My dear husband mentioned about a cave that his family visited when he was a little boy.

We looked at Inner Space Cavern online.  It’s located in Georgetown, Texas about 27 miles from Downtown Austin.  After lunch at IHOP, we decided to go to Georgetown.  I’ve never seen a cave before so I was excited about the idea of getting a tour into the cave.

Inner Space Cavern info.
Inner Space Cavern info.
Come explore!
Waiting for our tour guide at the lobby.
Waiting for our tour guide at the lobby.

Anything related to Science interests me.  Geology, for example, is an interesting branch of Science where scientists study and share their knowledge about the Earth and rocks.  Inner Space Cavern is a perfect educational tour destination.  We saw a few groups of students touring the cave.  When our tour guide name Billy showed up, the journey underground began.  As you know, Inner Space Cavern is an underground cave.  It’s estimated about 100 million years old.

Entrance to the cave.
Entrance to the cave.
Heading down into the cave.  Here's our tour guide Billy.
Heading down into the cave. Here’s our tour guide Billy.

It’s warm in the cave.  But there’s a ventilation so oxygen can get in.  My DD had fun exploring.  We saw lots of rock formations in the cave.  Every section in the cave has a name.  I forgot all of them.  Hahaha!  I’m sorry.  We even saw a little bat.  Two of my favorites in the cave are the area where the core drill took place and the clear waters.  I thought those are cool.  As soon as we’re done touring, we couldn’t wait to gasp cool air outside.

DD and me with the other tourists.
DD and me with the other tourists.
The little bat.
The little bat.
The ventilation.
The ventilation.
Amazing underground cave.  Under I-35.
Amazing underground cave. Under I-35.
Core drill in 1963.  This big hole is created for the person who went down to check underground.  That's when the cave was discovered.
Core drill in 1963. This big hole is created for the person who went down to check underground. That’s when the cave was discovered.
Clear water in the cave.  Our tour guide Billy said it's clean and okay to drink it.
Clear water in the cave. Our tour guide Billy said it’s clean and okay to drink it.  That opening there is about 4 feet deep.
Rock formations in the cave.
Rock formations in the cave.

Scientists discovered and gathered fossils and bones of extinct animals from the cave too.  It’s truly amazing.  My husband, darling daughter, and I enjoyed our exploration.

When you visit Texas, don’t forget to explore Inner Space Cavern.

An Afternoon At The Shops At Willow Bend’s Play Area

My darling daughter went for a long drive today to The Shops at Willow Bend in Plano.  She has been asking me if we can go back to the play area where there is a red octopus that roars.  So I told my husband that we’ll be out for the day because we’ll be at The Shops at Willow Bend in Plano.

It’s playtime for darling daughter so I didn’t mind driving for about an hour to the mall.  Today was the second time we’ve been there so I still have the difficulty finding the entrance to the play area.  Before settling in the kids’ place, we had to visit the ladies room.  On our way, we had to go through the The Shops food court.  Smelling the food there made me hungry.  After a big lunch, we had some ice cream at Haagen Dazs.


I don’t drive much on hot summer days but when it’s time for DD’s outdoor activities, I keep my schedule running.  And a refreshment is always best especially on hot days like today.  Ice cream is one of our favorite refreshments.

DD had a great time, as usual at the play area.  Besides outdoor play, indoor play areas are enjoyable for little kids, too.  They get plenty of exercise at play.  She’s got to play with other kids there.  And she liked the red octopus.

The red octopus at Willow Bend. Daffy Duck is giving him a check-up. 🙂

Tackling Traveling Challenges With School Age Kids

Travel can offer your children a different kind of educational opportunity not readily available in the classroom or even on school fieldtrips. As grandmother Pat Marsden notes, “Geography is much more understandable in 3-D.”

But you love traveling and plan to take frequent rips throughout the year, you will still want to make sure that your kids are not missing important lessons at school. Pulling young trekkers out for frequent vacations can interrupt their learning. While there may be less than ordinary reasons that you find yourself searching for New York tutoring or tutoring centers in Sacramento, finding a tutor can help keep your child up to date when they return to school. And it can also be a positive way of ensuring vacation fun as well as learning success.

Decrease Days Missed

If you know that your child will have significant absences, there are some clever ways to strategically plan a trip in order to reduce the number of academic days missed and, in the process, mitigate a teacher’s frustration. Book tickets and hotels around school holidays and weekends to decrease the amount of time skipped. Additionally, it is best to avoid leaving town on exam days or during testing weeks of the school year.

Can a Tutor Help?

Most educational concepts build on one another. For instance, tackling long division without the ability to subtract numbers with confidence will prove difficult, frustrating and potentially impossible for young students. However, it is unlikely that your child will miss all the lessons on basic math while gone on vacation for one week. Most teachers will send along a packet of worksheets for their vacationing students to work through and remain up to date on what will be happening in class during their absence.

However, if your child feels unconfident about a particular concept, this could potentially affect their progress and grasp of the particular subject. It is best to meet with the teacher after class, spend one-on-one time with your child at home and/or hire a tutor to help your child master the difficult area and be properly prepared to continue learning.


Tutoring Options

There are an increasing number of ways to find a tutor for your child.

•Private Tutor

•Student Tutor

•Tutoring Center

•Tutoring Software

•Online Tutoring

A newer and travel convenient method is hiring an online tutor. This involves a real person meeting one-on-one with your child via video chat or microphone and headset over the internet. This way, the child can ask questions and be walked through the subject. And because it only requires a computer and internet connection, this tutor can travel with you.

Though your child’s school may strongly advise that taking him or her out of class will create an academic disadvantage for the child, there are many practical ways to take advantage of reduced travel rates during the school year. And by ensuring that your student will be able to easily rejoin the classmates at home, you and your child can enjoy a hands on learning adventure that will build important memories and provide a real world foundation for the academic lessons back in the classroom.

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 Author Abby Evans is a mother and freelance journalist currently reviewing health options for her family.