Asian Festival In Dallas

It was a very pleasant weather today.  I went with my girl friends to the Asian Festival held in Downtown Dallas, Texas.  This is the 23rd year that the Asian Pacific Americans gather in a festival bigger than ever highlighting the Asian cultural performances, authentic Asian cuisine, and products.

My friend and her husband, who live just a mile from my house, picked me up 9:15 this morning.  We took the DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) train.  It was my very first time to be in Downtown Dallas and riding the DART train since I got here in Texas.

Me and a friend boarding the train heading to Dallas (DART).
Asian Festival 2013
Asian art products
Korean booth. Lots of food. 🙂
The Lotus Shop.
Lion Dance

One of the attractions in the festival was the Lion Dance.  I haven’t seen one until today.  It was pretty nice.

My lunch from the Korean Gourmet food truck. It was very spicy but it’s good…well because it has rice in it.
Sri Lanka Cultural Dance performer
Indonesia Cultural dancers
My friends and I ordered some Margaritas here at Rusty Taco.
The Grace Hula dancers (Polynesia).
The Maharlika Dancers performing a Philippine folk dance
Japanese cultural performance with the drums

I had a great time with the my friends at the festival.  The performances were beautiful.  It’s great to be out and about sometimes especially if you’re witnessing a very special event.

Because we had a DART all-day pass, we took the train again going home.  It was unusual to me how the train ride going home was backwards.  I was kinda feeling sick.  When I got home, I rubbed some Efficascent Oil on my tummy and I fell asleep immediately on the couch.

I Want To Go Back To Puerto Galera Again

Whenever I think of summer, all I can think of are the beach, white sands, pineapples, coconut juice, and palm trees in the tropics.  I surely love the beach.

The first time my husband visited me back in 2007, we went to a beach resort in Oriental Mindoro, Philippines.  The resort is called Puerto Galera (literally means “Port of Galleons”).  That was my very first time to have a vacation to other provinces.  I fell in love with the place.  No wonder the resort is one of the most visited attraction in the Philippines.  Besides enjoying a glass of pineapple juice by  the beach, diving, beach hopping, snorkeling, and sightseeing are the best activities here.  There are beautiful dive sites in Puerto Galera.  Diving lessons and diving gears are available.

summer in october
This picture was taken while we were beach hopping. And we were heading to Puerto Galera again.

When beach hopping, the boats were like the taxi on the water.  And when snorkeling, the boat will wait.  That was really cool.   We had our snorkeling gears like goggles and life jackets.

I cannot wait to go back to Puerto Galera again.  Hopefully, one of our next vacations will be in Oriental Mindoro.  It would be nice to take my daughter there and show her how beautiful the Philippines is.

Spectacular Places I Dreamed Of Visiting: Asia Part 2

Continuation from Spectacular Places Part

4.  Malaysia

The Petronas Twin Towers – I want to see and walk across the skybridge.

5.  Singapore

6.  Thailand

Phuket – This beautiful tropical island of Phuket attracts thousands of tourists worldwide.   A tour package was highly promoted when I was working in a travel agency before.  Up to now, I am wishing that I can visit this place someday and meet my Thai friends.

7.  China

The Great Wall – Who wouldn’t want to see this magnificent structure?  I read a lot of good travel articles about people’s visit to the Great Wall of China.

8.  United Arab Emirates

Dubai – Tourism has been one of the booming industry in Dubai.  I want to see the place and it’s magnificent skyscrapers.

To be continued…