Senior Citizens Flying via Air Asia Domestic Flights

It’s a sad moment on my dad’s side of the family.  An older sister of him passed on few days ago.  It happened suddenly and unexpectedly.  My aunt was in great health the last time he saw her four years ago, when they had a siblings reunion.  Well, knowing my aunt, you cannot tell if she’s ill because she always had a very bubbly disposition.

We were shocked when my cousins told us their mom is gone.  They said she took a nap the afternoon of Friday, December 30 (same day she was taken to the hospital) and didn’t wake up since then until the doctor told the family that she didn’t make it.  They said her brain was swollen and she had a fever.  She was comatose.

My dad, his other sister (who lives in the southern part of Leyte), and my mom wanted to attend my aunt’s funeral.  My deceased aunt and her family lives in Caloocan City.  You can either go by bus, by a passenger vessel, or by an airplane.  The latter can take you there fast-about an hour and a half in the air.  My dad wanted to fly so I checked on available round trip domestic flights on right away.  It was a rush booking so ticket prices were high.  Being senior citizens, they got discounts on ticket price which is great.

When flights were booked and confirmed, I sent them pocket money and emailed the copy of the flight details and itinerary to my sister so she can give my parents copies, too.  Three senior citizens traveling by plane together, that’s a bit stressful on my side.  Good thing my mom knows how to use a smartphone.  Every time we chatted, I always remind her to keep their tickets and IDs in handy.  We communicated the whole time they were in the big city.  I worry about them so much especially when they are commuting in a crowded place.

My deceased aunt was laid to her final resting place.  It was an emotional day.  We know that she’s resting in peace now with her dear husband.

That was the first time I booked a flight with Air Asia.  I heard good feedback about them.  My parents were taken care of from baggage check in, to boarding, and check out.  The flights were on time.  That’s a big deal to me.

Great job, Air Asia.  Thanks for taking care of your passengers.  Keep up the good work.


Researching Your Perfect Vacation Getaway

For many people, the ideal getaway involves traveling to and staying by the coastline of the eastern seaboard. People who live in landlocked states in particular find enjoyment and adventure in vacationing in locales like gulf coast towns, the quiet beaches in North Carolina, and tropical islands off the coasts.

However, before you arrive, you may want to know exactly what lies in store for your upcoming vacation. You can find out about the accommodations, amenities, recreational opportunities, and more by visiting the company’s website today.

Local Dining

Part of the fun of traveling to a new city or state is checking out the local cuisine. You may want to try fare that is unlike any meal that you can get at home.

The website offers visitors a list of local places you can sample during your visit. The local eateries have food and beverages that are made from ingredients that are native to the area. You could try seafood dishes made from freshly caught fish, lobsters, scallops, and crabs, all of which may be next to impossible to get at home.

Further, you might want to dress up for dinner during your vacation rather than visit a place where jeans and tee shirts are acceptable. The website shows you what eateries are formal or semi-formal so you can enjoy a fancy night out instead of a meal inside your hotel room.

Local Shopping

What would any vacation be without bringing back some souvenirs and mementos by which to remember the trip? When you want to venture into local stores for some shopping, you might wonder where these businesses are located.

The website provides the address of local stores and also gives you a preview of what kind of products you will find in each one. You can head to stores where you can find clothing, keepsakes, and more during your travels.

Local Activities

Finally, you might want to indulge in some of the recreational opportunities found in the resort town where you will be staying. You can check the website to find where you to enjoy some of the best bird watching, fishing, swimming, and other outdoor activities.

The site tells you if you need a permit or what the local laws are regarding viewing and approaching wildlife. You can get pictures, videos, and other images to remember the outdoor fun you enjoyed during your vacation.

What to Ask Before Parking Your Car Away from the Airport

Most airports around the world offer convenient parking options for travelers. You can pull into the airport, find a space in a long-term lot and pay your parking fee when you come back from your trip. The problem with these lots is that many charge a daily rate that can add up over the course of your vacation. Parking in a lot a short drive away from the airport can save you some money, but you should ask a few questions before leaving your car behind.

What Types of Spots are Available?

Always ask about the types of spots that are available, especially if you plan a longer trip. Though most lots offer basic spots in a lot that looks like any other parking lot, others offer covered spots. These spots have canopies that cover vehicles to keep those cars safe from wind and rain. Some lots work more like a covered parking garage and offer a combination of covered spots on the lower floors and open spots on the top floor.

How Do You Get to the Airport?

Parking a few miles away from the airport can help you save a few hundred dollars, but if the lot does not offer transportation to the airport, you may spend more than you would like. Many parking lots located near major airports have shuttle buses that will drive travelers to the airport. Always make sure that the shuttle will depart in time for you to make your flight and at a time that works when you return too. You can also hire a taxi or a private shuttle to get to the airport from that lot. A private JFK airport shuttle can make you feel like a celebrity on your way to the airport.

Are There Any Hidden Fees?

Hidden fees can cause you sticker shock when you get back and try to leave with your car. These fees can include those charged because your trip took longer than you planned. Some lots let you pay in advance but require that you pick your car up at a certain time. If your flight hand a delay that left you returning later than you intended, the lot might charge you a high fee. Asking these simple questions is the best way to ensure that you find a good parking lot close to the airport.