Reminder If You Are Riding A Train In England

If you are riding a train in England and you decide to get off before your stop, think twice.  Two passengers traveling from London tto Southhampton and decided to disembark two stops early, at Eastleigh.  When they handed their tickets to the Eastleigh agent, they were fined $175 – far more than the tickets cost – because they did not get off at the correct stop.  The lady passenger called it “utter madness” to be fined for getting off the train early.  She pointed out it would be justified if they had gotten off two stops beyond their destination.

Admin:  Odd.  But I guess that’s the train company’s policy.  There is nothing they can do with it but pay the fine.

Story from Coffee News, Wylie Edition Oct. 31, 2011

Moving Because Of Job Relocation

A friend from work just found a new place to live in here in Fort Worth. Actually, her new place is a few miles from the store too. The new apartment complex she will live in is located in Granbury. The monthly rent is more affordable than the previous apartment she had, and the grocery store is close by.

Actually, she is from California. Before she came to Texas, she had been through lots of moving because of job relocation. Contacting moving companies became easy for her. The Internet was her best friend during those days. She got a free moving quote at any time online.

This time my friend is happy with the new apartment she found. Any day next week the movers will bring her stuff to her new home.

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I Believe Practice Makes Perfect

Getting a two-days off that fall on a weekend is really awesome. I spent my weekend driving around town with my honey. We wind up going to the car dealers. He is planning to buy me a car this year. Is not it sweet? Awesomeness!

The question is, am I ready to drive? He told me to practice driving at any available time on the weekends. After all, my Learner’s Permit is valid for one year so I have plenty of time to practice my turns, my steer, and my parking. Ugh! This is hard. I thought of giving up sometimes but my husband keeps on telling me to go on because I really need to do this.

I know driving is difficult for a non-experienced person like me. But I am eager to learn. I am praying for it. Practice makes perfect.

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