The Five Best Luxury Hotels in Oslo

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Oslo has become a European vacation favorite. The city is known for diverse architecture, parks and green areas, eye-catching museums and music festivals. Not only is Norway’s capital a primary tourist destination, but it’s one of the fastest-growing cities in Europe.

A stay in Oslo is enhanced by a luxury hotel, as this beautiful city should be experienced with panache. Here are the five best luxury hotels in Oslo.

The Thief

Not only does The Thief have the latest technology, but it is also located in one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Oslo. Surrounding The Thief in the Tjuvholmen area is the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art and the Royal Palace, along with Karl Johan Street. This boutique hotel offers balconies and specialized art in each room. Each room features wireless internet, a 42-inch LCD TV and an iPod docking station.

The Grand

Located near The Thief, The Grand is a throwback to old Oslo. Opened in 1874, it has hosted celebrities and Nobel Prize laureates. It maintains the classic feel of old Norway despite modern amenities such as a health club and hip restaurants and bars. Opening onto Karl Johan Street, The Grand is also close to the Oslo Nye Teater, the Royal Palace and Oslo Opera House.

Hotel Continental

Also located in the city center, the Hotel Continental is known for its posh restaurants and spacious rooms. There are four restaurants in the hotel serving world-class food and cocktails, so you can stay in and have a grand time. The hotel is also close to the high-end shopping and clubs of Karl Johan Street and the National Gallery.

Lysebu Hotel

This four-star hotel is located in the hills north of the city by the Holmenkollen Ski Jump. Lysebu Hotel is also close to the Tryvann Tower and Oslo Winter Park, and possesses a more natural feel, separated from the city’s bustle. The Lysebu is known for its art gallery — the Henie Onstad Art Centre has collaborated with the hotel on an exquisite display of Norwegian and Danish art.

Frogner House Apartments – Skovveien 8

As the name suggests, the rooms are designed like apartments. Each room comes with a kitchen and laundry service and is fully furnished, making it ideal for families or large groups. Along with the spacious rooms, this location in the Frogner House group is near the National Library and Norwegian Nobel Institute. It also offers easy train access to the city center and airport.

There are many great hotel properties in Oslo, but staying at one of these will give you a unique, luxurious experience.

 Sculpture Park

Sculpture Park

Three Locales That Should Make Your Travel List

The spirit of adventure encompasses us all beginning in the innocent imaginations of childhood and carrying on through the wildest dreams of adulthood. As adults, however, we tend to keep our adventures in our dreams alone and do not allow them to enter our realities. Daily responsibilities creep in and our focus turns to the basic needs of our everyday life instead of the freedoms of adventure. But sometimes life needs a little color, a hint of childlike imagination that breathes fresh energy and excitement into our daily existence. Rediscover all the treasures that life has to offer by traveling to one of these three adventuresome locales.

1. African Safari –Take a wildlife safari through the African bush of Tanzania and discover the beauty of this untamed land firsthand. Brave the wilds of the savannah amongst the lions, leopards, elephants, and the rhinoceros, some of the most majestic and deadliest creatures on the continent.

2. Alaska – Considered to be the Last Frontier, Alaska is the only remaining state that remains largely untouched. With rivers that flow so abundant with fish you could literally walk across their backs to the other side, the wilds of this northern state are a sight to be seen. Whether you are visiting the coastal fishing villages or cruising amongst the magnificent glaciers, the spirit of adventure will find you.

3. Europe – European history has shaped the world, leaving behind the adventurous spirits of all who have made their footprints in the sands of time. Whether you wish to honor our comrades on the French beaches of Normandy or revel in the arts by taking in a Shakespearean play at The Globe Theatre in London, Europe provides a treasure trove of adventure for anyone seeking a glimpse into days gone by.

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Galveston Island Trip Day 2: Moody Gardens

It was a nice drive to Galveston Island Sunday afternoon.  We had a great time on the road.  We did a few stops to eat, rest, and visit a few attractions.  I can say that our summer vacation this year was awesome.

In our itinerary, we first visited the Moody Gardens.  My mother-in-law told us about it.  It is one of the attractions in Galveston Island showcasing the educational side.  Kids, even grown-ups, will enjoy and learn while touring in this place.  Admission fess vary.  For more information, kindly go to

Because we only planned to spend a day for each attraction, we didn’t see all of the Moody Gardens completely.  We only focused on touring the three pyramids, watching a 3-D movie, and getting on The Colonel Paddlewheel Boat.

Moody Gardens Pyramids.
Moody Gardens Pyramids.

The Aquarium Pyramid –  It is the blue pyramid you can see in the picture above.  You’ll see different kinds of seawater creatures in the aquarium.  From seahorses to sharks, it’s there.  The highlight of the attraction is the underwater tunnel where you can see fishes, rays, and sharks swimming above you.

The Moody Gardens - Aquarium tunnel.
The Moody Gardens – Aquarium tunnel.

The Discovery Pyramid – It is the pink pyramid in in the picture above.  In this pyramid is a collection of pirate treasures.  I mean, some artifacts of the sunken pirate ship Whydah.  My darling daughter didn’t like it at first but when we went inside and saw some pirate stuff like anchor, pieces of eight, treasure chests, ship ropes (you can also try tying knots), life-size pirate figures, parts of the ship, and a few portraits.  There’s a part in the exhibit where you are on a ship and you are somewhat feeling like it’s rocked by the waves and you hear the creaking when you look outside the ship’s ‘windows’.  I felt like I was getting sick.  My daughter’s favorite part was the lightning strikes after the short movie before entering the pyramid.  In this attraction, taking videos and photographs are not allowed.

The Rainforest Pyramid – It is the white pyramid in the picture above.  We entered from the second level and it was very humid – same as what you will feel in real rainforest.  There’s a place for the butterflies, too.  The lower level’s temperature is cool.  Birds are free to wander.  My darling daughter’s favorite was seeing the spiders, bats, snakes, and fish.  There was a peacock wandering around, too.  🙂

What a beautiful bird!
What a beautiful bird!
Lunch time for these cuties. :)
Lunch time for these cuties. 🙂 *Note:  Only the animal keepers can feed them.*
All we hear is her voice the whole time. :)
All we hear is her voice the whole time. 🙂

After visiting the three pyramids, we watched a 3-D movie.  After that, we got on the Colonel Paddlewheel Boat where we relaxed after hours of walking, discovering,and exploring.  We had a great day at Moody Gardens – an educational tourist destination.  We had so much fun.

Colonel Paddlewheel boat
Colonel Paddlewheel boat
Moody Gardens Hotel
Moody Gardens Hotel