I Love It When He Takes Us To Town For A Nice Dinner At Olive Garden

I love it when my husband takes us to town for dinner or something.  Today our family went to check on LCD screen at our favorite electronics store in Plano.  We are planning to replace the television screen in the guest room so it will have a nice piece of television for our guests especially mom and dad when they come over for a visit.

After shopping, we had dinner at Oliver Garden just a couple of miles farther from the store.  It’s my darling daughter’s first time to dine at Oliver Garden.  With the restaurant’s pleasant ambiance, dining at Olive Garden in Plano is very nice.

Haven’t ordered the entree yet I am looking at desserts 🙂
Here’s the red wine honey ordered for me.
Vegetable soup with shell pasta

My honey had some house salad.  He likes it before eating the main course which is his favorite pizza.

Honey’s favorite pizza at Olive Garden
Got me some spaghetti and meatballs

Like other fine dining restaurants, Olive Garden provides activity materials for kids like a sheet of coloring pad with crayons.  My daughter enjoys it.  She even extends her coloring on the table. 🙂

And here’s the dessert.  Sweet and yummy!

Chocolate mousse with caramel, Strawberry ice cream, Tiramisu

Butterfly Festival In Plano

When traveling with baby, I need to carry a bigger handbag.  So I carry a large shopper or tote that my friend gave me last year.  It serves as a diaper bag because besides my wallets and other stuff,  it can hold a couple of diapers, small baby wipes container, feeding bottle, water bottle, snacks, and others.

Today we went to Plano and I let play at the soft play area in Collin Creek Mall.  The play area is already renovated and good looking so the kids enjoy playing better.  Before that, I saw a sign about Butterfly Festival at the mall entrance upon entering the building.  Well, I thought, we will try to see that after playing.  And we did.

The admission fee is $6.00 for adults and $3.00 for children.  I tried to ask if they will ask fees for infants.  The person-in-charge said she will only ask for the adult fee if I will hold my little one inside.  Strollers are not allowed and they don’t allow infants to walk around because they might step on the butterflies.  And so, we went in and I let my daughter experience the scenery.  Butterflies are in a big tent with flowering plants in it.  There are hanging feeders too.

Tent for the butterflies
At the Butterfly Festival
The hanging feeders
Monarch Butterflies
Got a Monarch butterfly on her shoulder

When I showed the pictures to my husband, he said these are Monarch butterflies.  I saw other butterfly colors too.  Maybe he can identify them for me too.  By the way, the festival is until May 20, 2012.

New Residential Area

I did not know that the area under construction by Plano Parkway is a new residential place.  I only noticed it the other day when my daughter and I went to the mall in Plano to shop for a birthday gift for my MIL.

The brick walls are completed and the name of the neighborhood or housing area is already done.  It seems to me that the homes there is kind of costly because the area is few minutes a way from the shopping and business establishments.  I cannot wait to see the new homes there.  Well, I am nosy you know.  I want to see the neighborhood and the homes’ residential address plaques.  At all times, we get new ideas from just looking around.

Some homeowners want to get custom address plaques for their houses.  They want it to be unique and one of a kind.  It is always nice to have personalized address plaques outside.  I wonder how much the homes would cost there.