At The Asian Market

Hello Pretty Shop
Hello Pretty Shop

My family and I went to a park one weekend to let my darling daughter go biking.  We went to the Bob Woodruff Park Trail in Plano.  It has biking trails that stretch for miles.  We took the toddler bike with training wheels so the little one enjoyed biking on the trail while me and my husband were walking along.  We stopped to get in the shade under the big trees once in a while so we won’t get very sweaty.  She had so much fun.  We enjoyed it, too.


Then we head to check some seafood at H-Mart Asian Store in Plano.  We didn’t buy any cold products because we didn’t bring a cooler.  It wasn’t in our plans anyway.  We just wanted to check the prices of their seafood.  But first we had to look at some kitchen electrics and utensils at one store in the building. I saw a few very nice-looking rice cookers. But boy, they were expensive. Prices were between $100-$450.  I wonder what’s the difference between a $20 rice cooker and a $450 one.  The prices of the seafood were okay, though.

Anyway, there is a food court there too.  Then the little one saw a Hello Kitty store across.  It’s called Hello Pretty.  So we went in to check some stuff.  She picked some cute little hair clips.  So that’s our small weekend travels went.

Battery Replacement For My Car

DD and I went to see daddy and had lunch with him together with our dear friends T and J.  Daddy’s office is about 40 minutes drive from the house.  But it was a very nice day today so driving over there wasn’t bad.  I enjoy driving like everything else outdoors.  I feel good when I get to drive.  I don’t know but when dear husband’s driving and I sit in the back, I feel car sickness and get dizzy.  ‘Makes me want to throw up.

Anyway, my car has a new battery (thanks to my dear husband for helping me maintain my Toyota Scion).  A month ago, it seemed like it was taking a few seconds to start the engine.  My husband said it’s time to replace the battery.  So, when we were at our folks house, he and father-in-law went to Walmart and bought a new battery for the car.  I thought it will take him a while to do that but it was easy.  Now my car’s engine starts very smoothly and quickly.  You see, road travel is comfortable and safe if your vehicle is in great condition.

Our first get-together with friends in the new year went fine.  We had a great lunch at Posado’s Mexican restaurant.  DD got to see her godmother today.

Lunch At Furr’s Fresh Buffet

I, together with my DD, had lunch today with her godmothers J and E at Furr’s Fresh Buffet in Plano,  Texas.  Because we usually go to a Mexican restaurant whenever we get together, we tried a different place this time.

E suggested Furr’s Fresh Buffet.  It’s located along I-75 (Central Expressway) in Plano, Texas.  She said the restaurant just opened few months ago.  I haven’t heard about it until today.  My husband said there’s one in Richardson.

Like other buffet restaurants, Furr’s also have lots of food selection.  But the specialty of the restaurant is more on American food.  Salads, brisket, steak, pizza, pasta, hamburger, meatloaf, dinner rolls, veggies, cakes, cupcakes, etc…everything looked delicious!  I tried not to overload my plate with food because I won’t finish them all.  My DD enjoyed the broccoli with ranch.  It’s one of her favorite vegetables.

So many customers.  The restaurant is clean and organized.  The only concern I had was, the attendant wasn’t very friendly and she was inattentive.  I don’t know if my friends noticed that but I did.

I told my husband about the buffet restaurant.  He asked me if I like this one better than the other restaurant we usually go to.  “Not much,” I said.  To me, my favorite buffet restaurant has the best dinner rolls.