Good Opportunity

It’s been a while since I spoke with Cheryl, my buddy who’s living in Mineola, Texas. She was my bride’s maid. We met at St. Luke’s Medical Center in Manila during our appointments in relation with the visa application 7 months ago. For just a very short time, we have been friends including Jacky, who’s in Minnesota right now. They are both from Cagayan de Oro.

Cheryl told me she had a call from Walmart offering her a job. “That’s good,” I said. She added that the store is close by merely 5-6 minutes from their house. I told her that’s a good opportunity now. There’s no need to burn gas at all. Cheryl told her husband about it and asked him to buy her one of the beach bikes she’s dreaming of.

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Necessary Resources For Your Moving Needs

Before my husband got his job here in Fort Worth, he had a job offer in other state. He told me about the company’s proposal considering a relocation offer outside Texas.

We have had started looking for interstate moving companies and comparing who offers the best service. We checked with They have a listing of Licensed Movers-Local, National, and International Movers. Requesting for quotes or rates is manageable because will provide the service for the clients. And if everything’s ready for the move, providing the Zip Code you’re moving from, selecting the State where to move, and the size of the move (ex. 1 small bedroom, 2 large bedrooms…) is needed to find the moving companies nearby. This service is helpful to make the relocation cost effective, efficient, and even pleasant.

The job offer in other state is attractive but my honey chose to stay here in Texas.

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How Do I Like It So Far?

It is already four months since my arrival here in Texas. And it is also amazing how time flies so quickly. I remember the day I get here. I took a flight via Korean Air (KE) from Manila to Dallas-Fort Worth (stopping at Seoul-Incheon). It was on February 23 and it is still winter. When we got out from Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) airport, I thought it was still the air from the airport’s A/C that was blowing on my skin but it wasn’t. It’s the cool air outside. I was chilling that time. And until now, I am confused about road directions. As I look at it so far, I like it here in Texas. Not only for the main reason that I am now with my beloved husband. It is also because I find myself beginning to deal with the climate, the people, and the food. Even though Texas has unpredictable weather, it gives me the thought that Texas’ weather, at some other point, is quite similar with ours back home. We have a very hot summer days. And when it rains, it pours.

Americans are busy people. They are dedicated on their chosen field of jobs. Also, they are very particular with time. Here in Texas, I observed that they value their families too. And spending time with family on weekends as well going to church is a very big deal. I like that. And here in our area, the people are polite. When it comes to the food, there is no question about how I like the food here. I just can’t help ordering Spanish rice and Enchaladas whenever I think of it. I loved it the first time I tried it. Ooops! I sense something for dinner tonight. Oh well, I am learning how to cook Southern foods too.

I cannot deny that I miss the Philippines, but Texas is my second home now. Furthermore, I am proud to say that I have virtuous in-laws.