Exploring Downtown Dallas on Spring Break

Old Red Museum of Dallas
Magnolia Building
Beautiful building structure in Downtown Dallas

It’s Spring Break, that means it’s frolicking time again. We had a great time exploring Downtown Dallas today. We didn’t take the DART because we thought the travel time was quite long. So we convoyed. We felt more comfortable with that.

Exploring city downtown means a lot of walking. But we were prepared for that. We had our most comfortable tennis shoes on. Ha! You have to pay a one-day parking in downtown, too. It was $10 per car.

I always admire beautiful building structures and Downtown Dallas did not disappoint. You may look at the photos above. We visited one museum called Museum of Illusions. Below is me and the girls in one of the areas where your eyes are tricked (optical illusion).

Me in red at the Museum of Illusions.

After so much walking, we were starving, so we had an early dinner at the Family Thais Asian Bistro and headed home after.

Winter Storm in Texas

Birds in the snow.

We are getting the winter storm here in Texas with zero degrees the lowest temperature of the week. Heavy snowfall two days ago and we’re almost out of firewood. The power outage were on and off one evening. Good thing it didn’t go off for a day or days unlike in the other cities in Texas. We were very lucky.

The roads were still not passable, so we’re stuck for another few days? Anyway, I hope the sun will show up very soon because we couldn’t wait to go out and about.