Meeting Face To Face At A Distance

Living in high technology today, we experience the advantages of using the computers and Internet. Besides searching helpful information or data, the Internet has been the medium of communication for us all these years.

It is very common to us to communicate everyday and it is very important. But here is a special communication than can be useful not only in the business world but also in educational institutions. I know people in these field need constant contact to one another once in a while. With Internet connection and appropriate devices available, a video conference is the best solution to long distance meetings. It is a convenient type of communication with colleagues and partners.

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Who Is Really Calling You?

We all find it annoying to receive unwanted calls or prank calls. I don’t understand why some people do this irritating thing. If we want to trace who’s doing it, checking numbers with the Reverse Phone Registry service provided by National Phone Registry should come to mind. Voted as the most accurate phone lookup service right now, we can be assured of efficient service because they have powerful tools to trace prank callers and unlisted phone numbers.

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Not Happy With The Phone Bill

‘Just received the phone bill and not happy about it. The amount due is higher than I thought. I was thinking of the calls I made in the last two weeks of August and early this month. Then I figured out that the text messages sent was nearly reached the limit. Yikes! ‘Have to control it.

I also noticed that the billing statement doesn’t show the list of phone numbers called, duration of the call, and amount. I am used to seeing those in billing statements because, to me, that is the exact way to show phone call records. Oh well, I think I should raise this concern to the telephone company hoping to get a good feedback.

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