New Year, New Cellphone

Samsung Galaxy S5 cellphone

This is my Christmas present in advance.  Samsung Galaxy S5.  I have been waiting for my old cellphone to be replaced.  I was very patient and had been nice last year so my wish was granted.  My dear husband let me get a new cellphone.  🙂

 What I love about smartphones like this Samsung Galaxy S5 is that it serves as a GPS (Global Positioning System), computer, and cellphone at the same time.  The Maps application on the phone is very useful when I am traveling.  But I still have paper map in my car reserved just in case.

Oh was I so happy to get this.  Thanks to my generous hubby.  Happy New Year everyone!

What Should a DIY Web Builder Offer to eCommerce Customers

Are you thinking about starting an eCommerce website? For those who want to save money and build their own eCommerce website, however have little technical knowledge or experience, using a DIY website builder may be the way to go. Because eCommerce websites are constantly evolving, it is important to choose the right website builder that can address your needs both now and in the future. Here are a few things that you should be on the lookout for when selecting an eCommerce website builder for your site.

Turnkey Websites
A good DIY ecommerce website builder will offer you the ability to sign up for an account, begin building your website and the ability to launch the site live as soon as you are ready. If the site builder doesn’t offer this ability, you should keep looking.

Payment Integration
The biggest part of running an eCommerce website is the ability to accept payment for your products or services. A good eCommerce website builder will offer you seamless integration of a shopping cart and electronic payment acceptance. While some will only allow you the ability to use one or two options, the better ones will accept your payment services provider, no matter which option you choose. This is important because one of the key elements for operating a success eCommerce website is the ability to have a safe and secure payment platform, which means you will need some control over what solution you use.

While there are still web builders that adhere to the older adage that good eCommerce sites have to be expensive, newer technology make it easier to launch eCommerce site templates that are much cheaper to obtain. By choosing a template, you can take advantage of using a pre coded layout that has been developed in accordance with best practices for eCommerce website design, keeping your website build time to a minimum. In addition, using a template, you get the additional advantage of being able to save money. This is because the coding work has already been done. Understand that by choosing to use a template, you aren’t eliminating the ability to customize your site. You are just taking advantage of building your site around a pre-created layout schema.

While these elements on’t represent an exhaustive list, but help give enough guidance to help you locate a solid DIY eCommerce site builder that will be able to meet your needs.

Table Top Computer Screens At Olive Garden

My darling daughter and I together with my dear husband had lunch with our friend and DD’s godmother JT at Olive Garden in Plano Thursday.  It is one of favorite restaurants.  The spaghetti is good and their Chicken Marsala is awesome.  It was nice we got to see JT today.  We haven’t get together in a while.  This time, our other friend Mr. T wasn’t able to join us because of some huge work load.  My dear husband and JT were already in Olive Garden Restaurant when we arrived.  It was freezing cold that day that we had to bundle up two layers of clothes besides our coats.

While waiting for our orders I was kind of wondering what this black thing on the table was for.  My dear husband and JT didn’t pay attention to it because they were busy talking.  I looked at it and it has a screen. This thing is an electronic device or gadget. Good thing my little girl didn’t notice it or else she will be messing with it.

Our food didn’t take long to arrive.  DH had Lasagna, JT had Chicken Parmesan, DD had Spaghetti and Broccoli, and I had Chicken Marsala.  Before these were served, JT and I had vegetable soup.  As always, lunch at Olive Garden is very filling.

Now here’s a thing.  Paying didn’t have to go through the waitress.  We had to do it right there at our table using this tabletop computer screen.  It didn’t take long for us to figure out how to pay the bill.  Paying with a credit card or a debit card is easy because you can swipe right there and then.  So cool.  I just don’t know how secure it is.

Table top computer screen
Table top computer screen
After paying the bill, the device is giving you the option how you would want to receive your receipt.
After paying the bill, the device is giving you the option how you would like to receive your receipt.
We wanted our receipts printed.
We wanted our receipts printed.