The Recorder With Great Additional Features


Making screencasts of the desktop are necessary for a lot of things. You can need it to make a demo, a bug report or even some educational video tutorial to be presented in the class or even in front of clients. You can say this is a PowerPoint presentation that will have your monitor screen as a subject. Using these screen record applications you can make a lot of things. It can be educational or even some guides to help other people and show them how to use a certain thing on the computer.

Movavi has a desktop recorder popularly known as the Movavi screen recorder. This application lets you record the audio from the speakers as well as the input devices while you record your screen. The help of a voice along with the guide makes it all easier to understand. The application is a very easy one to handle and people can use it without a second thought.

You can download the application from the web and the install it in the computer using the installation file. Once this is done, you can start using the application. All you have to do is set the parameters on the screen. This is done so that you do not end up recording parts of the screen that are unnecessary. You can set the audio device you need to record the sounds from in this step only. Both the output and the input devices can be used.

If you are making an informative video, you can depict the mouse and keyboard actions by both speaking out and showing the mouse cursor. When you are ready to start recording, you can select the REC button and then start working on the computer. Whatever you do for the time on the screen will be recorded in the form of a video.

After you are done recording everything you need, you can select the REC button again to stop the recording or hit the F10 button. You can preview the video you so made from the preview window. If you like it, go save it in the format of your choice as there are many formats available in the recorder itself. So to say, there are more than 180 formats and from there you can choose the one that goes with your device. If you want some changes in the video, go to the edit section and change what you want.

Unexpected Computer Problem

It is so annoying.  This time my husband’s hard disk crashed.  ‘Not sure if the crashing was caused by a virus or just the computer’s old age.  We were dealing with no desktop computer for months now.  It’s the only thing we can use for printing because we do not have a wireless printer.  It was very unexpected.  So frustrating.  All our important files are in that hard disk.

We did not even thought of doing online back ups.  Some of my friends were suggesting to use online back-up so we can still access our files on the Internet even if we are on a trip or long period travels.  Safety and security was always our concern.  We read a lot of references about online back-up.  Before we commit on something, assurance and good reviews are kept in mind.  For affordability of back-up service, Windows skydrive is in the high rating.  I do not know if you have already know about the skydrive online  back-up service.  It is offering unlimited features for users to manage their files online.

This is what concerns me the most because our tax return file is in that hard disk.  We do not have any idea how to recover it.  For now, my husband is open to all suggestions he can get to be able to recover our files in that hard disk.

Rogue Virus Fake Windows XP Security Alerts

Frustrated and angry.  That’s what I felt when my computer was infected with rogue virus that flashes fake security alert pop ups on the computer screen.  Would you believe that I got the virus from an online directory?  Huh!  Yes that’s right.

I tried looking for help on online forums on how to remove that s**t.  I learned that these rogue viruses are new and are released early this year.  I am one of the unlucky people who have computers infected.  But the removal process is very, very complicated for a user like me who does not have a complete knowledge on software and computer registry.  So I turned to Dell Technical Support.

It was difficult my part because paying that much money for a virus removal service is not what I would like to do.  But, it’s worth it…I guess.

What aggravated me so bad was, my anti-virus/anti-malware did not see it.  Sheez!  I am paying annual subscription on that.  Better get a new, dependable anti-virus software.