Almost Lost My Keys

Three days have passed before I realized I almost lost my key chain with a set of keys in it. It came up to me today when my husband asked me if I like the idea of going out for lunch. I said yes to his offer and suddenly thought of the key to my Toyota SUV because I want to drive.

“Where is my keys?”, I asked myself. “Have you seen my keys?”, I asked my husband. He didn’t saw it. Then we looked in the different part of the apartment. It was driving me nuts! I switch purses Friday night (when we went to a Bible study in South Lake). My husband asked me what was the last purse I used. I said it was the VS purse but I already looked in there and I did not find the key. Then I looked in the pockets of the purse I am currently using but I couldn’t find it either. I was frustrated. I was asking myself “Where is it? Where is it?”

I was silent in the bedroom…thinking. My husband looked in the truck and in my car (he has a spare key to the SUV). Then he looked in my purse again-taking out all the things from it. “Guess where I found your keys, honey!”, he said. “Where?”, I asked. “In here.”, he answered pointing at the pocket outside the purse. But I looked in there TWICE! Ugh, that was a relief!

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