Get Energized And Win!

Get hyped and energized this Summer! I know how the heat and humidity can weaken us down. In every activity we do outdoors, we need something to give us energy from inside and out. Active people like us enjoy the advantage of energy drinks. There are many of them in the grocery stores, but there is only one energy drink that can give more active healthy stamina. BluFrog is the name.

In connection with Blu Frog’s active outdoor events held all year round, a chance to win one of the five irresistible prizes await the lucky participant in their contest which is being held right now.

Prize One – Blu Gamer Ultimate Gaming Package
Prize Two – Happy Blu Year (New York)
Prize Three – Blullapalooza (Chicago)
Prize Four – Blu Streak (Orlando)
Prize Five – Xtreme Blu (Aspen)

I want to win the Prize Two, Happy Blu Year in New York. I would love to go there and celebrate the New Year at the Times Square with my loved one. Totally a wonderful experience. So if you want to win, it is very easy to join. Just visit Blu Frog’s Website and Tweet about this contest. Remember to check the contest rules for reference. Love the above prizes? Join now!

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Philippine Lemon Juice

On a hot summer like this, I always needed something to refresh me like cool air conditioning and comfortable summer clothing. Aside from these, I love to have cold drinks like fruit juices. And one of my favorites so far is the Calamansi (Philippine Lemon) juice. We bought packs of Philippine Lemon juice from the Asia World Market in Plano. The Philippine Lemon fruit is rich in vitamin C. It is effective in curing cough and colds. You can tell it’s goodness from it smell and very strong citrus taste. And it is great for flavoring seafood dishes too. Back home, you can see Philippine Lemon tree in every yard.

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Effective Sunscreen

Summer is fun. We think of having picnics, go to camping, bright shorty shorts, colorful flip flops, bikinis, the beach, and the sun. We feel alive and always excited as we go along with our daily runs. Though we enjoy the bright sun this time of the year, we cannot avoid to be exposed to Ultraviolet lights of the sun. UVA lights from the sun can damage the skin that causes premature aging, sunburn, and even the risk of skin cancer. Thus, using skin protection like sunscreens reduces the possibility of the mentioned risks.

Coppertone is the sunscreen agent that I find very effective. I am using it over the years. It has the highest SPF level. The newest product is the Coppertone Ultraguard Continuous Spray. The level of SPF is 70+, no rub needed, and no mess too. It is worth having as you enjoy the beautiful sun.

In addition, here are some tips that might help to reduce skin damage and skin cancer.

  1. Minimize sun exposure at midday and between the hours of 10:00AM and 3:00PM. – I heard about this from the expert. Since the sun’s heat is at its peak during these times, over sun exposure is not advisable.
  2. Use lip balm with SPF 15 or higher every day of the year to protect your lips. – It will also help moisturize your lips.
  3. Do not be fooled by clouds. – Even if it is cloudy between the hours mentioned above, ultraviolet rays still penetrate the clouds.
  4. Reapply sunscreen every two hours as possible. – Some sunscreens states to be waterproof, they will be wiped off on a towel or even sweat.

We should always remember that prevention is better than cure.