Recreation At Water Parks

Recreation areas for kids are open beginning Spring thru Fall.  So if you are looking for a place for your family to have fun without spending too much money, water parks are the best.  Kids especially, enjoy any outdoor activity that involves water.  Who doesn’t want to be with water this hot season?  Water Parks time of operation differs from State to State.  But if you live in Texas, the normal opening of these parks is in the month of May.

Water Parks can also be a good vacation destination.  If you are traveling out of the country with your kids and have planned for a great adventure this summer, you might want to try looking for water parks around the world.  Just don’t forget to check for ticket prices ahead of time.

Like We Were In Paradise

My daughter and I went for a ride today to the mall to pay my bills.  I noticed the stores have already started displaying Spring and Summer items.  I saw they already have bikinis and swimwear hanging on display racks at the womens and juniors departments.  Wow!  It makes me think of a beach vacation coming.

A relaxing vacation at the beach is what I need right now.  I was five years ago when my husband and I went to the tropics for a very serene and lovely vacation.  We were there for three weeks!  That was wonderful.  That was my second time flying international.  Getting the air tickets for me and my husband did not take us very long because we got a very good deal on the airfare.  He just have to book very early to get the cheapest rate.

It was a great experience flying and our stay at the resort hotel was fantastic.  I always take my favorite swimwear on vacation.  The most interesting adventure we had was snorkeling and boat rides.  My husband and I loved snorkeling!  And oh, we had fun picking up shells on the beach too!  Ah, that was very lovely.  It was like we were in paradise.  Thought of nothing but the serenity of the moment.

Picking up shells on the beach
enjoying the summer breeze
Beach hopping time. 🙂

I am looking forward to go on a vacation at the beach sometime in the summer.  Well, I have to pick two nice pairs of swimsuit one of these days.  🙂

Enjoying The Summer Heat In Waterparks

It is great to spend money on a summer vacation once in a while. After all, it is you and your family’s enjoyment and bonding are being accommodated here.  But summer vacation does not have to be really expensive.  Though there are people like me who loves to go on a month-long escapade, going to a nearby resort or waterpark is one of the practical ideas nowadays.

If you haven’t gone on a summer getaway yet and you thought of just visiting a waterpark to let your kids have fun and enjoy the summer heat, you made a good choice.  See, at waterparks you can rent a cottage for a day so you have a place to keep the food you brought.  And I think it is not that expensive to rent one.

I agree that the price food and refreshments inside the waterparks are kinda high.  But there is no need to bring lots of cold drinks.  Water is the best to drink during the hot summer season.  You all will be busy riding thrill rides and swimming anyway.  Eating a little snack will do.  You will feel very hungry when you get home.   So before heading to the waterpark, be sure to have or prepare plenty of food to reheat.