Fun At The Fair – The State Fair Of Texas

Texas Star Ferris Wheel at the State Fair of Texas
Texas Star Ferris Wheel at the State Fair of Texas

At last I was able to go to the State Fair of Texas for the very first time.  And I can say it was a great experience.  Since my arrival here in Texas, I haven’t been to the State Fair until last Thursday.  But I did not go alone.  My daughter and I, together with my cousin Em and her two little girls, went to the Fair last Thursday.  It was actually an adventure for all of us because it was our first time to go to the Texas State Fair in Dallas.

The night before the trip, my dear husband helped me plan the trip to the State Fair.  He suggested that we take the train to the Fair.  I looked at the DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) train schedules online and, after a very long time of confusion, figured out how to get there.  I will tell you more about our train ride on my next blog post.

a-people in line buying tickets
Buying tickets at the Fair. 🙂

So we arrived at the Fair around noon last Thursday.  I already had two adult tickets which I bought from an online garage sale on Facebook.  Had a good savings on that.  For the kids’ tickets, we brought canned goods for donation and we only paid $6.00 per ticket for each child.  Great savings on that as well.  As soon as we entered the gate at the Fair, the adventure began.  🙂

The Big Tex
Big Tex

The little ones wanted to see Big Tex.  They were amazed because he’s so huge!  Giant.  That’s what my DD said.

I Want To Go To The Fair

I am so jealous right now.  Some of my friends already went and visited the State Fair of Texas.  What a shame on me.  I have been here in Texas for more than five years and I haven’t been to the most exciting event in Texas.

Well, what can I do?  My husband doesn’t like going to Dallas.  That’s the truth.  When possible, he doesn’t want to drive thru Dallas whenever we go to Fort Worth.  And he is a homebody.  He doesn’t travel much.  But he loves going on a vacation.

There are lots of fun things to do at the Fair.  Rides, exhibits, food tasting, shows, etc.  But to me, the most fantastic of all are the Chinese Lantern festival and the Cable car ride.  I see lots of Fair photos from my friends.  Someone had invited me last week.  I really wanted to go but I can’t go on weekdays.  Oh well, I will just wait and see next year.  My darling daughter will surely enjoy being at the Fair, too.  She likes rides and I bet DD will also have fun at the shows.

Thanks to my friend for this photo.

The 2013 Fair began September 27 and end October 20.  Yes, it’s over tomorrow.  I will wait next year.