Vacationing in Costa Rica


Taking a vacation is a great way to unwind and forget about the pressures of you life. Do you want to take a vacation in the near future? If so, you will need to choose a location. You might want to consider taking a trip to Costa Rica. You might have never considered this tropical paradise as a vacation destination. However, you will most likely not be disappointed by any of the beautiful things that await you in this magical country. Here are a few of the many advantages of vacationing in Costa Rica.

1. The weather is outstanding

If you are like most people, you want to go to a country with warm and sunny weather. This is certainly not unusual. People who live in areas that have cold weather for a large portion of the year often want to spend their vacation time in countries that are tropical. Costa Rica has warm and sunny weather during the entire year. This means that you do not need to schedule your trip only during specific months. You can go at any time that is convenient for you.

2. It is not very expensive

You can plan on spending a lot of money if you take a vacation to places like New York City or London. However, Costa Rica is the complete opposite. The prices you will pay for your hotel, food and entertainment will be much less than many other exotic destinations that are frequented by tourists. This will allow you to stay much longer and get more value for the money you spend. If you want to get some ideas for vacation spots in Costa Rica, you can visit

3. It is safe

Nowadays, people are scared to go to foreign countries because of stories in the news regarding terrorism in certain places. However, you will not need to worry about that if you go to Costa Rica. It is an incredibly safe place to visit. The major resort areas where most of the tourists stay have plenty of security. You can visit Costa Rica without fearing for your safety.

4. It is a good place for families

Some vacation destinations are better suited for adults and couples. However, Costa Rica has a wide variety of attractions that are perfect for children. In fact, many areas in the country have been created for the sole purpose of attracting families.

8 Things to Remember When Traveling in Panama City

If you are planning to go on a summer vacation, Panama is one of the great summer destinations that you will definitely enjoy.  Of course it is important to explore the big city first.  Here are some tips when traveling in Panama City.

1. Bring Shorts and Sandals

Panama City has a tropical maritime climate with hot and humid conditions throughout much of the year. They experience a short dry season from January to May, but the rest of the year is rainy. The bright side is that the daily showers only last for about an hour or two at the most leaving the rest of the day perfect for sightseeing.

Tropical vacation destination

2. Panama Accepts the US Dollar

The local currency in Panama City is the Balboa, but when purchasing goods and services the US dollar is accepted openly. The exchange rate is 1:1. That means visitors don’t have to worry about calculating an exchange rate or paying exchange fees. Instead you can simply enjoy browsing among the many unique markets and shops found here.

3. Taxis

It only costs a few dollars for a short taxi ride in Panama City making this the best way to travel. One should negotiate the fee before starting out. Taxis found further out from the hotels and airports will offer a lower fee, and you can skip the bartering for a good rate.

4. Remote Beaches

Pack everything you’re going to need when heading to the beaches. Make sure you have sunscreen and plenty of food and water to last the day. Beaches in Panama City are located in remote areas with no stores nearby. If you forget something, you’ll waste a lot of time travelling back to get it, and you won’t want to leave these relaxing shores once you arrive.

5. No Language Barriers

Most of Panama’s citizens speak both English and Spanish. Knowing either of these languages will be enough to help you out while visiting. In fact, most Panama residents enjoy chatting with vacationers and are willing to teach you any Spanish phrases that could be useful during your stay. Being able to have conversations with the locals allows you to experience their culture in a personal way.

6. Finding Lodging

Panama is home to many hotels and resorts. Travelers have no problem finding lodging that offers all the amenities they will need during their stay. You’ll find hotels in Panama City offering pools, fitness rooms, and spas in excellent locations near all the top tourist attractions. Book a room or suite from hotels such as the Waldorf Astoria Panama that are large enough for your entire party to avoid feeling crowded.

7. Safety

Panama City is a reasonably safe place to travel in except for the area along the Columbia border. The main tourist areas are quite safe. Regardless of how secure it is you still want to use common sense no matter where you are travelling. Choose a taxi over walking at night, and always be aware of your surroundings. Thieves and pick pockets can be found even in the safest places.

8. No Visa Required

Americans, Canadians, and the British can travel to Panama without a passport. All that is required is a tourist card. These can be purchased from the airline for less than $20. Rather than having to worry about remembering a visa, one can focus on bringing a camera. Panama has stunning vista that you’ll want to capture in photos.

Adventure in the Galapagos

The Galapagos are located on the Equator, west of the coast of Ecuador. The Galapagos Islands are best known for their role in Darwin’s research. Today, this island chain is a beautifully untouched area where you can have an adventure vacation.

What You Can Do

When planning a Galapagos travel vacation, you will want to know just what activities are available once you get there. One of the most popular activities is sailing around to the different islands. From these tours, you can also explore the national parks and travel to and from Ecuador where most tourists choose to have their hotel accommodations during their trip.

Another popular activity is scuba diving. If you plan to participate in a diving tour, you must be a certified diver and because of the surges and strong currents in the ocean near the islands, it is important that you also be an experienced diver.

Packing for Your Trip

If you are not sure what to pack for your trip, it is important to remember that the weather is typically hot and humid in the area. That means you will want plenty of light clothing, sunglasses and other sun protection products. It is also important to bring bathing suits, scuba gear and your camera equipment if you are planning on taking a diving tour as well as a sailing tour.