Got The Confidence Back

My cousin (father’s side) and I got close since we stayed at our aunt’s house in Caloocan City, Philippines.  We’ve been to ups and downs of life but we held on to our closeness.  I gave her advice and she takes it.  When there was a time she was crying because of skin problems, I never left her.  She had a bad acne problem.

Whenever we travel together, people seemed uncomfortable looking at her.  I remember my husband told me when I had a break out, “Nobody will look at you.  Pop it.”  But I did not pop my pimple.  I put a warm compress and to let the white thingy out.  My concern now is my age spots.  Back to my cousin, she really needs help with her acne problem back then. With the help of family and good friends, she undergone treatment.

There are lots of skin care products in the market that might help cure acne.  But only few are trusted.  Acne products without harsh ingredients are effective.

Tell Me What You Think About This New Health Care Innovation

Who knew about this new innovation in measuring skin’s antioxidants? I just came across to it when I was searching on the Internet about skin disorders. This equipment is a biophotonic scanner, which tells how high or low is the level of your skin’s antioxidants. The scanner is developed, and said, to help us monitor and improve our overall antioxidant health. This equipment is distributed by Nu Skin Pharmanex, a 2005 American Business Award recepient for the Most Innovative Company.

It is an interesting thing that innovation in health care provides us with new ideas on alternative ways to check the wellness level of a person’s body. If you want to learn more about the biophotonic scanner, visit the website at and tell me what you think.

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Working Fit And Healthy Brings Productivity

Standing all day at work makes the leg, feet, and back muscles stiff. Seven hours of standing five days a week is exhausting. I do some simple legs and feet exercises whenever there is a chance while at work. And doing some Back Exercises at home helps restore or regain good posture.

To prevent getting a Back Pain from working too hard, we should maintain a regular back exercise. This routine helps in toning our body, especially our back. If you are experiencing back pains, try doing the back exercise program from The website’s helpful video instructed exercise will bring the good posture of your back to yourself. If we are healthy and fit to work, we are well and productive. Visit their website and get FREE trial.

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