Back From Singapore

My mother-in-law and party are back from their vacation in Singapore.  They arrived Wednesday afternoon and she stayed a couple of days at her son’s house before going home to Tyler.

While in Singapore, they send emails and photos updating us of their activities and the scenery.  They went on a city tour and they had a great time in Sentosa Island. I told my mother-in-law and my dear husband that what I look forward to experiencing in Singapore is the Sentosa Island.

Before heading home, mom and my sister-in-law stopped by at our house to see us (me and darling daughter) Friday afternoon.  I was excited to hear about their vacation and see pictures from their getaway.  Besides from being clean, they were amazed by Singapore’s outstanding architecture shown in the building structures.  One of them is the Marina Bay Sands Resort.

Marina Bay Sands. Photo credit to D. Sefcik (my sister-in-law)

This luxury hotel and resort offers an undeniably spectacular vacation experience while in Singapore.  There’s a shopping, casino, museum…and oh, the amazing skypark, too.  I would love to go here!  And see the skypark located on  that boat-shaped structure.  And I would be very happy to share the experiences.  Sponsor, please…

We are glad that mom and party got home safely.  They didn’t have problems with their flights.  They brought homecoming gifts from Singapore for me, DH, and DD.  DH got a new polo shirt and a lighter.  I got a new summer romper dress and new slippers.  DD got a new toothbrush holder, purple little kid mud, and slippers, too (smaller version of what I got).  🙂

My new slippers.
Wearing my new romper dress. I love the color! 

Going To Singapore

My mother-in-law (MIL) is on a vacation to Singapore with her son, my brother-in-law (BIL) and daughter-in-law (sister-in-law or SIL).  They flew from DFW yesterday at 12:45 in the afternoon (Labor Day in USA).  They had a domestic flight to Los Angeles, California.  From there, they took the international flight to Singapore with a stop-over in Tokyo, Japan.  My dear husband and I are kinda feeling the blues thinking about their vacation.  We’re wishing that we can go on one soon.

As what my BIL told us in his email, everything went well the whole flight.  About 14 hours of flying time to Japan, he said mom and SIL did pretty well as far as keeping themselves entertained during the flight.

Singapore is one of the Asian countries I want to go visit in the future.  Hopefully, I am still able to travel when the time comes.  🙂  Anyway, I heard about Sentosa and the Safari tours.  Also,  I would love to experience being in Orchard Road – the busiest shopping area in Singapore.  Singapore is popular as the cleanest city in the world.  Their government is very strict in implementing rules and regulations on littering, jaywalking, and spitting.  When caught a huge fine is imposed.  Discipline is the key to a successful implementation of rules.  And, I think, this adds to the attraction that must-see and experience in Singapore.  I wish a very generous sponsor will let me visit Singapore in the near future.  😉  Visa is not required for US citizens entering Singapore for business or tourism purposes.  Passport should be valid at least six months and they should have sufficient funds and a return ticket to the US.

I can’t wait to see photos from their getaway.  I hope they’ll enjoy and be safe throughout the vacation.

Small Chat

Yesterday I chatted with my high school friend who is now living in Singapore. She’s been there for more than a year now. After our graduation from high school, we met suddenly in a jeepney one time on my way home from work. That was in Manila few years ago. I told her about my blogging activity, how I enjoy doing it, and the excitement in meeting new people. However, I also invited her to visit my blogs and asked her to blog whenever she is available. She said I am diligent in updating my blogs. I humbly said, “Not really.” At the end of our chat, she asked me to post about something. Now she’s giving me an assignment. Just thinking about it gives me a headache. (Kidding!)

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