Yaheetech Office Chair Review

It’s been more than a year since the stay-at-home implementation. A lot has changed, including business closures when this pandemic hit. Health workers were incredibly busy. So many adjustments in the household and jobs. Many lost their jobs last year. Fortunately, my dear husband and I continued to work. He is now currently working from home. He’s not missing driving from home to the office and vice versa at all. As for me, I had been working at home since I started freelancing. So I have a small space allocated for me in my house as my home office.

With my husband working from how since after the Spring Break in March of last year, a new adjustment in the house was made. Our house is not big, so we had to make do of the available space in the guestroom to be his temporary office. The guestroom furniture was move to the attic and were replaced by a desk and an office chair. The guestroom is now a home office, temporarily.

I gave him back the office chair that I was using for years because I just borrowed it. I had to get a new office chair for myself instead. Shopping for an office chair was not that easy. You have to consider the comfort, size, and price. After all, you’d be sitting on it all day every day. So better get the best.

Yaheetech office chair

After browsing online and shopping in stores, this Yaheetech office chair was just the one I needed. It’s back rest was arched just right for my lower back which fits my sitting posture. It fits the requirement since I find it quite ergonomic. This office chair is:

  • Light-weight
  • With mesh seat cover
  • Cushioned seat
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy to assemble
  • Wheeled feet
  • With arched back rest
Adjustable height and wheeled feet.

I was satisfied with my Yaheetech office chair so far. My darling daughter wants one for herself. I told her I’ll buy her one in the near future. By the way, if you are looking for an office chair and other office furniture and fixture, check out Yaheetech.shop.

Women’s Athletic Wear For Comfortable Workout Routines

If you are a health and fitness enthusiast, you might be interested in these athletic wear and gym wear. Like the phrase goes, “dress for the occasion”, an appropriate athletic clothing is recommended whenever we go to the gym or workout engagements with family and friends. There is nothing more important than wearing comfortable workout clothes. These type of clothing helps keep our body feel at ease when performing exercise routines in a gym or at home.


Most of these athletic wear nowadays are made dry-fit fabric which means it supports our body’s cooling system when we sweat from active performances. They are becoming more and more popular that sportswear clothing brands come up with different styles and new designs. Sexy Bombshell Sportswear has a wide-selection of athletic wear that may interest fitness enthusiast out there. Sports bras, leggings, and athletic shorts in all sorts of colors will suit your liking. They even have a bodysuit. Isn’t it cool? One of my personal favorites in this line are the camo thigh-highs. They look stylish and comfy. The side pocket(s) certainly is one of the greatest add-ons to store your tiny gadgets like cellphones, earbuds, fit bits…etc.

I would say that these workout clothing is becoming a part of our women’s wardrobe, don’t you think? Hey, the Holidays are coming up so you might want to consider buying these as presents to female fitness enthusiast in your family or your girl friends. To be honest, I wear athletic leggings almost on a daily basis. They are comfortable period. Haha.