Selling Chocolates For School Project

One day, while I was waiting for a ride to work, a group of children came to me and asked if I would like to buy a chocolate.  Of course, I interrogated them a little.   I learned that they are selling chocolate fundraisers to help them gather funds for their Science group project in school.

assorted chocolates

Although I really wanted to buy more chocolates so the kids will go home and sell a few left for the day, I thought my budget won’t be enough.  So I just bought couple.  Chocolate fundraisers can help achieve simple goals those kids have.  Rather than playing all day on a weekend, those kids have taken responsibility of accomplishing their school project with teamwork.

Selling On EBay

‘Just sold another item at eBay. I am very happy. It motivates me to sell more. What’s good about selling on eBay is you manage your time. But it also takes time before the item sells 🙂

Anyway, what’s important is that, I got it sold! Yay! And I still have more things to post/list for sale soon after I give birth. I have to focus on my little one. And then I can sort out stuff for eBay.

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Selling Old Items Can Be A Source Of Income

For reasonable reasons, getting engaged into earning extra money online is a good opportunity. I am considering the idea of selling on eBay. I read articles sharing tips on how to sell and how to become a power seller on eBay. Though there are hundreds of thousand items for sale on the Internet, sellers are still gaining sales everyday from customers worldwide.

Besides, not all items for sale is brand new. Most of them are second-hand merchandise that is why the prices are more affordable. This sounds good. Instead of throwing away the used or unused stuff in the house to the trash, why not think of selling them? Each of us has an unique possession that we do not need in the house. There are people who like to buy unique things on sale. They find those interesting.

In fact, selling or trading (either local or international) can be a part time source of income. There are millions of shoppers all over the world. They shop online for great buys to save them money and for convenience also. I have some stuff in the house that I want to sell online. First thing I have to do is to set-up my store and learn more about selling on eBay. It would be of great help. If my honey asked where is my old stuff, I will say I sold it on eBay :).

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