Every Picture Is Worth Keeping

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Taking pictures is one of the essential thing to do when on vacation or while on a road travel.  Unique captures of beautiful scenery and inspiring moments are worth keeping.  I love taking pictures.  Even an insect like a grasshopper that I see on my car window is interesting.  What more than your kids playing with the splashing waves on the shore while picking up shells during your summer beach vacation?

We can do different kinds of record keeping of our vacation pictures.  We can either put them on a CD or in a scrapbook.  I like the scrapbook better because I can create some art to put around the photos.  The nicest paper to use for scrapbooking are AstroBrights papers.  They are more brilliant colors that will definitely catch attention.  These papers can be used for making invitations, flyers, home and school crafts.

Speaking of school, Back To School season is fast approaching.  School supplies are part of the budget and the items that we do not want to forget.  AstroBright papers are also great for school craft projects.  Not only for the students’ use themselves but also for the schools’ own presentation needs.  As you know, AstroBrights has a sweepstakes for everyone.  Your local elementary school will benefit by entering the “Give A Brighter Year” sweepstakes.  You can win a cash prize and school supplies valued at $30,000 for the school of your choice.  Joining is easy.  You can participate in the “Make Something AstroBright” design challenges-it can be a home decor, crafts, etc. for a chance to win papers and other prizes.  Who knows, your great unique creativity will make you become a winner.

I would to have some AstroBrights papers for my scrapbook.  I have lots of pictures from our previous vacation for my family and friends see.  But I want them laid prettily in the pages of the scrapbook so they will look exciting.  The brilliant papers will add beauty to it.

How about you?  How do you treasure your vacation pictures?

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Lockers For Safekeeping

I was a working student in college.  I work during the day and I go to school at night.  As a working student, I had to balance my time at work and in school.  Whenever I leave for work, I had to bring all my school books and notes so just have to commute all the way to school after working hours.

I was very thankful that my school have steel lockers.  I got a locker and it was very convenient for me.  I did not have to carry most of my school supplies-books, papers, folders, devices…etc.  The lockers were very spacious.  The students can keep important materials in there without a problem.

On the contrary, we only had small lockers at my workplace.  My co-employee kept on complaining because their stuff was in the tight space.  But I appreciated having a locker because I had a place to keep my things away in safety.

New Backpacks For The Kids

It is only the month of May but I am already thinking of the classes in June.  Enrollment for my sister, niece, and nephew is in the next two weeks.  My little sister is in college.  My niece will be entering high school and my nephew will be in the second grade.  Oh, my brother is planning to get a training course too.  So my mind is fully occupied.

Before the classes start, they should have all their school supplies completed.  My sister does not need a lot but will definitely need new notebooks.  My niece and nephew need more than that.  Aside from notebooks, they need new school uniforms, shoes, and school bags.  Since my niece is entering high school now, I want her to have a nice school bag that fits her young personality and new school environment.  I am looking at Stephen Joseph backpacks for selection.  The designs are neat and very girly.   My nephew will not carry plenty of books to school so he only needs a small backpack for his things.

Now, my other nephew (the youngest) is having the interest of  going to school this year.  But he is just turning four in July.  He envies his cousins so the parents will buy him a pencil and a paper to start.  Then they will look for stores that sell toddler backpacks later.  Aw…he is going to be a handful I bet.  How time flies.  Seems like yesterday that my little nephew was a baby who enjoyed sleeping on his nap mats at home.  But I am proud of him growing healthy and smart.

It is so cool to see the kids in their backpacks going to school together.  I am happy to see them growing smarter everyday.  I am a proud sister, and a proud aunt.

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