Pretty Relaxing At The Rose Garden In Tyler

Last week my darling daughter and I went to her grandparents’ house for a visit.  We spent three days and two nights at their house.  The folks were missing the little one.

It was a great drive on the super highway.  The road wasn’t that busy that I was able to pass the huge trucks.  When passing it is very important to look front, back, left, and right before turning on the blinker.  The look again.  When it’s clear and safe to pass, do it quickly.  Always put a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.  Run in the speed limit when possible so you’re not holding up traffic or stressing to race.  When driving in a three lane road, don’t stay in somebody’s blind spot.  Because chances are you’ll get hit if that person decides to pass or change lane.

During our stay at folks house, we went to the Rose Garden the next day.  We haven’t gone there in a while.  It was pretty relaxing at the Garden.  I was a little sad because I missed the Rose Garden Festival in October.

Me and DD at the Rose Garden in Tyler
Me and DD at the Rose Garden in Tyler

If you’re visiting Tyler, Texas don’t for get to visit the Rose Garden.  You will be mesmerized with the beauty, the fragrance, and the colors in the Garden.

Improving Selling Skills

Look what I got! A cooking pot full of goodies 🙂 I won it from the last month’s contest-selling Godiva products at work. It is a part of the home department’s promotion on Godiva chocolates. The home manager said that Customer service department can participate in the contest since customers come to our area to buy Godiva.

I was not expecting the first prize to be mine. In the first two weeks of the contest, the guy from men’s department was leading the list of top sellers. I did not even saw my name in the list. But one morning, when I was scheduled to open, a customer bought a couple of truffles. Then I started to get more sales in a couple of days. By the end of August, the final list of top sellers. I was stunned because my name is first in the list of top sellers. Well, I just did my job. I offer Godiva to gift wrap customers, and even to the children who come look around in Customer Service area. This is another way of improving sales as well as my selling skills, huh. I am liking it. You might ask why there are fragrances and body essentials in the gift. The home and cosmetics department partnered for the contest.

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