Car Attachable Front Or Behind The Seat Storage Organizer

a-backseat organizer in car
Attachable Front or Backseat Car Organizer Storage Car Seat Cover

a-backseat organizer

Don’t you hate it when your car is cluttered?  And if you are traveling with kids, the clutter is worse.  Yet there are solutions to this problem.  One of them is a car storage and organizer that you can attach behind the seat.

This item has been in my wishlist for a while until it was fulfilled a week ago by Amazon.  Yes.  I bought this item at a discount price from Amazon.  I find this item neat because:

  • the material is sturdy durable polyester.
  • it sits straight and flat behind the seat.
  • the straps and locks adjust and snaps very well.
  • its seven storage pocket compartments can hold books, snacks, packed drinks, and other important knick-knacks you and your kids need while traveling.
  • the color of the product matches just right with the interior of my car.
  • it is easy to wipe clean.

How neat is this Attachable Front or Backseat Car Organizer Storage Car Seat Cover?  This way, I can prevent clutters in my car.  A few favorite little kids’ toys, small books, and a gadget are all we need to bring.

*I bought this item at a discount product in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.

Got It Just In Time For The Holidays – ‪#‎SugarPlum‬ Lip Color

It is always a necessity for me that whenever I leave the house to go somewhere, I always wear at least a lipstick.  Though I rarely put on make-up, I love putting on a lip color not only to put a glow on my face but also to make me feel pretty. 🙂

nyc lip color

I am so glad to receive this NYC Expert Last Sugarplum Lip Color* which is included in the Frosty Vox Box* from Influenster.  It arrived just in time for the Holidays.  Christmas party invitations are coming left and right and I just wish I have plenty of time to accommodate the mall.

But this evening’s Christmas Eve celebration with the family is a high priority.  I am wearing the Sugarplum Lip Color.  My lips feel soft.  The lipstick didn’t make my lips dry.  I love it!  The lip color is just right for every day wear.  It is an addition to my lip color collection now.  I can take it any time, any where.


*I received this item complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

Planning A Pool Party At Sabin Resort

My sister will be celebrating her birthday next month.  We will be organizing a simple yet a special treat for her because it will be the beginning of her journey to adulthood.  Yes, she is turning 18.

We are planning for a pool party.  And my sister likes that.  I already booked a room at Sabin Resort Hotel.  The resort is about 10 minutes Southeast of Ormoc City Proper depending on traffic.  It has been the family’s traditional venue for special events.  Up to now, the room rates remain affordable.   They have swimming pool for adults and kids too.  The newly built function hall can accommodate up to 100 guests.  Sabin Resort Hotel also has function rooms which can accommodate 30-50 people.  They serve great foods according to guests’ preference.  If I have to rate the customer service from 1 to 10, I say 6.  My rating is based from our stay two years ago.  Sabin Resort Hotel is a memorable place for me because it’s where my husband gave his marriage proposal to me.

Anyway,I hope everything will go as planned so my sister’s party will be memorable for her too.  The resort is very accommodating when it comes to ambiance.  I bet she and her guests will have great fun on her birthday.