To Keep The Belongings Safe

Closing of classes is fast approaching back home.  Students cannot wait for summer vacation coming April.  I am glad that our students are doing great in school this year.

The good school environment helps them become more active and focused in their studies.  My niece and nephew, even my sister likes participating in school activities.  They are presently joining the Foundation Week and every year level has a presentation-field demonstrations like folk dancing, group exercise (grade school), and cheering.  Children don’t have to worry where to put their personal things because the school has lockers for kids to keep their belongings safe.

Special equipment like kids lockers are very beneficial to students because they can leave their extra supplies in the school.  They always have to remember to bring the key at all times.  Childrens lockers are the best storage place for school supplies, personal items, and even meals.

Hi-Tech Equipment

We got to shop at a wholesale store last weekend because we were in bathroom supplies alert.  We had a membership in Sam’s Club and the store is located in Garland.  It is closer to our place.  While driving, I had the need to go to the ladies room.  And when we arrived at the store, I told my husband and daughter that I will meet them at the meat section.

Relieved from emptying my bladder, I hurriedly cleansed my hands.  I was mesmerized how high-tech the store’s bathroom amenities are.  I admire the sleek hand dryer.  The machine scrapes water from my hands like a windshield wiper.  So cool!  The store has really provided their customers high quality restroom hand dryers.

Christmas Shopping Or Store Hopping

Where we were all afternoon today? We were at Frys, the huge electronics store in Arlington, since one o’clock in the afternoon. The plan was to look and shop for gifts for the Christmas party at my parents-in-law’s house in Tyler. We looked around from the first isle of the store to the end but we find nothing interesting. So we agreed to go back to Fort Worth and try World Market. Besides products from the USA, World Market also has the variety of imported products from different countries in Asia, Europe, South America, and others. As usual, my honey and I looked starting from the home decor isle to the kitchenware section but we just ended buying stuff for ourselves. That was really funny.

I know it is really better to have a list of items to buy before going to the mall or stores to avoid wasting of time. It is helpful…we all know that.

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