Photography And Traveling

Documenting your travels is not as difficult as the previous years’ use of manual cameras.  I owned a manual camera where I had to buy films (which are still used today) and disposable batteries.  Though I admire the captures of a manual camera, there are convenient features a digital camera has that I like better.  And I do not have to replace batteries more often.

I like taking pictures while traveling .  I bet you are too.  If you are on the road as a travel photographer and you require more quality output, an on-location camera rental is available.  And if you are exploring the State of Florida, Camera Rental Miami can provide you the high-tech digital equipment for your photography needs.  This is also a good suggestion for those who are into doing some photography projects in school.

Ordinary travelers like me can also take advantage of renting cameras (in case if we forgot one or lost it).  Photos and videos of our vacation and adventures in the magnificent places in the world are the most valued keepsakes. They can be passed on from one generation to another, which makes them really like a treasure.  High quality photos and videos will last long.

Texas Spring

It’s a very pleasant day here in Texas.  Today, we enjoyed nature by taking our pictures in the Bluebonnets.  There is a park by the lake close to our house and we drove there this afternoon.

The Bluebonnet flowers are one of the things we look forward to in Spring.  Texas Bluebonnet or Texas Lupine is the state flower of Texas.  They grow in most areas in the state including in North Dallas.  They’re the attraction when Spring comes.  We love taking pictures with the Bluebonnets.

I took a photo of the blooms from the outside of the park.  They are very beautiful and really blue.  If you are not living in Texas, you are missing out!

Texas Bluebonnets

Photo Greeting Cards Are Ready For Mailing

Man!  We are so behind with sending holiday cards this year.  Unlike the previous years, all of my Christmas greeting cards are sent second Monday of December.  We just had our portraits taken two days ago.  ‘So disappointed for being late.

Our holiday portrait was taken somewhere at a neighborhood next to ours.  I received a flyer from a photographer offering a photo shoot for the holidays.  We went there and good that we did not get lost.  The address was easy to find because of the clear directions.  The house numbers in that neighborhood are uniformed.  There is now way of confusion because the address plaques are easy to spot.  The photographer was very friendly and welcoming.  Even the ambiance of her yard is very warm.  She even have a couple of lawn plaques for her photography service sign and for the holiday greetings.

Now that our portraits were taken and the Holiday photo greeting cards are received, I will send these in the mail tomorrow.