Traveling By Air Not Possible As Of The Moment

My heart is aching to those who are severely affected by the super typhoon Haiyan (local name Yolanda).  Guiuan, Eastern Samar where Yolanda made it’s first landfall was caught off-guard and almost wiped out the town.  The devastation was also horrible in Tacloban City and it’s neighboring municipalities.  Business establishments as well as houses were shattered and heavily damaged.  The Tacloban domestic airport was devastated, too.  Thousands of people died and so many are still missing.

I learned about these information because we subscribed to local channels in the Philippines and I saw broadcasts of the typhoons devastation.  It’s very heartbreaking.

I am very worried about my family now.  No power and the communication is down.  I don’t know when these will resume.  When I called my parents early evening on Thursday (Friday morning in the Philippines), I talked to my mom and she was very scared.  Another thing she was worried about was my youngest sister who’s in Cebu for a training.  When I found out that my youngest sister was okay in Cebu, I felt a little at ease.  But our thoughts were still with my family in Kananga, Leyte.

I hope the communication and power will resume very soon.  I cannot wait to hear from my family.  And relief goods will be distributed accordingly to those who really need them.  It’s crisis now in Leyte.  Traveling to Leyte by air is not possible yet right now.

Travel Advisory: Super Typhoon Expecting Landfall In The Philippines on Friday November 8, 2013

A super typhoon will be entering the Philippines’ area of responsibility and is expecting to make it’s landfall Friday morning.  This typhoon with international name Haiyan is said to be the  strongest in the world in 2013.  The areas to that will be affected with the typhoon is the Central Visayas Region.  The public has been warned and advised to evacuate immediately because Haiyan’s wind strength is over 250 kph and still increasing.

I am very worried about my family in my hometown because this typhoon is considered strong Category 4 Hurricane.  And they said in the news that this can uproot trees and damage houses.  Oh my goodness!  Now I am in panic!

I assumed that travelers going to Central Visayas are completely informed about this severe weather coming up.  Domestic flights will be cancelled until further notice.  I hope that everyone in the region is fully prepared especially those who are living near the sea because a severe devastation is coming.  I have to call my parents and siblings.  I am so worried.

If you are scheduled to travel to the Philippines this weekend, might as well double check with your travel agents about flight updates.  Do not compromise your safety.  Be safe everyone.

Wishing To Take Sister To A Short Vacation

My baby sister and I were talking about her trip to Tacloban City (Leyte) recently.  She and her classmates together with their instructor went to Tacloban City to duty in a hospital to complete the cases needed for the 3rd year Nursing’s first semester.  Since she started training and doing routing duties in hospitals, my sister had assisted doctors at labor and delivery, operating, emergency, and recovery.  They have already been to a psychiatric institution in Cebu.  She is learning a lot about the nursing course.

After the Halloween, she and the group of classmates (where she belongs) will be in training again in Cebu.  I believe they will be trained in a home for the aged hospital (Geriatric).  They will be introduced to elderly care.  The group will be in Cebu for two weeks.  I have sent her funds to pay for the fees, room accommodation, 2Go tickets, and miscellaneous fees.  Also included in the funds is her allowance.

Because my sister is now in the Junior year in college, oh wait!  Now I am confused.  I am not definite of her year level.  Oh dear.  Anyway, because she is in the higher year level now in college, the expenses are getting higher too.  Every time they have trainings and hospital duties, there are fees to be paid.  In addition, we increased her monthly allowance because of high transportation rates.  Car rental is not that reasonable either.  So she has to commute.  And due to limited funds, she hasn’t traveled lately.  Even to the closest tourist attractions, she haven’t got the chance to visit them.  How I wish I can take her to a short vacation some time soon.  I am sure she would really like that.