What Are Your Worries When Traveling Just You And Your Kid Or Kids?

My friend NJ called yesterday telling me about the birthday preparations her husband and our friends are doing for us.  As you know, NJ and I are born in January.  Her husband DJ and some of our dear friends are organizing a party birthday party for both of us to be held at NJ’s home this weekend.  I wasn’t expecting that DJ was including me to the plan. I am picturing a big party is going to happen.


Anyway, in about two months my darling and I will vacationing to the Philippines.  We will be flying together with NJ and her sister because they are also vacationing there.  Our islands are next to each other and we will be landing in the same airport from a domestic flight from Manila. She is from the island of Samar and I am from the island of Leyte.  The two provinces are connected by the San Juanico Bridge – the longest bridge in the Philippines.

My daughter and I will be flying with Eva Air this time.  And it is also going to be the first time that we are flying from Dallas to Seattle.  The itineraries were already finalized and tickets were already bought.  And right now, I am starting to feel overwhelmed preparing the packages I needed to ship before we leave.  Since it will be just me and my daughter traveling, my dear husband suggested to ship home some of our essentials like a few clothing, toiletries, and daughter’s important things so we don’t have to buy there. Prices of clothing and body essentials in the Philippines are outrageously high now.  So we thought this would be a good idea.  And shipping the packages in advance will lessen the hassle of baggage claims because, like I said, it’s just me and my daughter that are vacationing to my province for two months.

How about you? Have you traveled just you and your kid/kids? What were the hassles?  Did you worry a lot?  I will appreciate your input in the comments below.  Thanks.