Introverted Sensing Thinking Judger (ISTJ) Personality – The Administrator

There was a time when I was in college my friends and I used to collect stuff…from simple notes to each other and gifts. We also liked answering personality tests in magazines. Here is one of the result of the test I onced answered that associated me as the Introverted Sensing Thinking Judger (ISTJ) Administrator. The descriptions are somehow true.

My Personality Type
You are the glue that holds the pieces of civilization together. Your trademarks are duty, discipline, responsibility, and organization. Without your dedicated and loyal efforts, many of the powerful businesses, institutions, and organizations that exist today would crumble to the ground.

ISTJ When in Love
As the most practical of the LoveTypes, you are not overly impressed with extravagant romantic gestures. Nor do you need constant stimulation and excitement on your dates. You are perfectly content with a home-cooked meal, an interesting video, and the company of your sweetheart. You also tend to hold traditional values when it comes to male-female roles. Even if you are an enlightened feminist, deep down you may still believe that a husband should be a good provider for his family and that a wife should be able to run a neat and organized household. Your strong need for security keeps you from taking too many risks in initiating a relationship. You usually develop romantic relationships with people you have known for a long time: co-workers, friends of the family, or classmates. Because you are the ultimate “nest builder,” you want to be absolutely sure your prospective mate is the type of person who will make an excellent caretaker and/or provider before you allow him or her to get close to you.

ISTJ Where to Meet
Where can you meet an Administrator? Administrators are quiet, unassuming people. In fact, they are often so quiet you may not even notice their presence. Because they usually like to stay in the background, the best place to find them is in a far-off corner, by themselves. Look for the one person at a restaurant or nightclub who doesn’t say much, the loner who hugs the dark corners of the room. Another sure bet: look for the loyal person who is always caught holding a friend’s drink or purse. The loyal, stable Administrator can always be counted on to help a friend and take responsibility when no one else wants it.