A Little Nap In The Car

Do you sleep while traveling?  I mean, you take a nap in the car or on the bus?  I do.  If the travel time is longer than an hour, expect me to be snoring a bit in my seat.  My husband says I am a sleepy head.

Seriously, I easily get drawn to dreamland.  I was used to commuting back home when I was working.  So even riding on a light rail transit, on a bus, or in jeepney to and from work, I fall asleep.  Falling asleep while traveling is normal.  It is the reaction of our body to inactivity for a long period of time.  And when we travel, our  body is relaxed as we enjoy the ride.  But when we are tired, that’s is another reason for us to take our naps while traveling.

Here’s how I look taking a little nap in the car on our way home from Oklahoma.  It was a two and a half hour drive so I thought I’d better sleep while baby is napping too.

What Attracts Women?

They say that simplicity is beauty.  You can find admirable things even in small simple objects around you.  Women are naturally beautiful.  In addition to the physical looks, inner beauty also plays a part of becoming amiable.  These are the main reason men are attracted to women.

But what are men’s characteristics that show to attract women?  Honestly, I admire a good-looking man.  His attitude is next.  I think most women are attracted to men with good sense of humor.  And I am one of them.  I like it when a man shares the same interests such as music, traveling, computers, and love.  There was one time I met a guy at work.  He was very friendly, approachable and easy to get along with.  We became good friends.  Since then I have always admired him for being humble, too.

Should Turn Plans Into Efforts

I have the motivation but time is very minimal to work on the stuff I needed to do.  I should get focused to have at least a few done.  But in my situation, only the most important things are covered.

How about my other plans?  Arg!  Now I am having a headache.  These plans will lead to money making opportunities.  Please help me God.