Employment Document

Working legally in a place where we are an alien is very important. What I meant about legal is that, we have the proper documentation to be authorized to get a job and work.

I have been here in the USA for more than a year now. I was granted the Permanent Residency (Greencard) status three months after I got married. To legalize my residency here, I applied for Permanent Residency or Adjustment of Status, Employment Authorization, and requested for a Travel Document all together. This is one of the conditions for alien resident like me.

Now, my Employment Authorization Document (EAD) card will expire soon. Do I have to renew it since I already got my Greencard?

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Legal Alien

This is awesome! I just posted an entry about the approval of my Application for Permanent Residency Friday. If I remember it right, the notification from the USCIS stated that I will be getting my residency card within the next three weeks after the approval. You know what? I received the card through mail yesterday. Yeehaw! That was quick. We are so happy. After the long process of waiting, it is finally worth it. I am now a legal alien, going up to the next level.

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Approved for Permanent Residency

This is great! As I was checking with the USCIS regarding the status of my Application to Register for Permanent Residency or Adjustment of Status (AOS), it appears to me that they have sent me a notification on July 30 stating that I am now registered as a permanent resident. Wow! This is good news. We filed the application on May 26 and it took only two months for the processing. I remember I posted an entry here about the transfer of my application to California Service Center. They did not require me for an interview and I am so glad about the quick approval. Together with my AOS, they also approved me for a Travel document. Of course, I appreciate the assistance of my friends in The World of Filipinas and Visa Journey.

God is good.
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