Always Double Check The Amount Paid Before Finalizing Check Payments

It has always been a policy in every business to always ask for verification or a proof of identification on check payments. This is a way of preventing fraud in any transactions.

We had a problem with one employee at the store recently. She processed check payments but she mistakenly typed the amount twice. As what the auditor’s report showed, the amount paid and validated did not matched with the amount written in figures on the check. The employee have done the error twice. The manager warned her twice too. I heard that when she do it again the third time, she will be out. It is going to be sad. I hope she learns this time.

So be careful in accepting check for payment. Always double check the amount paid against the written amount on the check. Also, look for security marks on checks too.

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Is It Practical To Accept Payments From Credit Cards?

There was a time when I was doing some shopping back home I encountered a little bit of inconvenience. One of the stores there refused my payment. Why, because they don’t accept credit cards. I was surprised. I didn’t know that even though we are now in the technology era, there are still shops that don’t accept payment transactions using credit cards. So I just paid in cash. Luckily I had a couple of bucks in my wallet that time. To me, using a credit card is convenient. And accepting payments from credit cards is also substantial for businesses like restaurants and retail stores. There is a company today that offers merchants reliable services on credit card payment processing. Merchant Advisors is providing solutions to help merchants reduce payment processing costs, modernize operations, and increase sales. There are no fees, no contracts, and a free credit card machine. In this manner, commercial businesses will find it handy to accept credit card payments.

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