Did Not Show Up

K, the new associate in customer service, did not show up a couple of days now. ‘Wonder what happened or how’s she doing. Have not heard from her. No phone call or anything. Did she quit? Maybe. But a little courtesy won’t hurt.

But I do not think she is that kind of person. She seemed nice and easy to get along with at work. It is odd, but I am worried about her. For a few weeks of working together in customer service, I feel close to her.

Missed you K! If you found another job, I wish you the best. If you still want to work at the store, report and talk to our manager.

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Part-time Career Opportunity

Staying at home doing nothing is actually tiresome. Full time mothers and housewives like me are staying at home taking care of the house and family. Honestly there times we think about looking for a part time job, right? Because of the increasing cost of basic commodities, we need to think of something profitable to give us a hand. But how can we do that? What is the suitable earning potential for us?

If you are a fitness-minded person, you may want to consider this. There are many options of part-time opportunities today but the most talk-of-the-town right now is engaging into fitness jobs. In my own opinion, women are active in general. We are more conscious when it comes to health and fitness. Regarding this part-time job, interested moms may take up a course to get a fitness certification and become a personal fitness trainer. The course is pertaining to helping others to be active, healthy, and fit. And once the course is finished and you got the personal trainer certification, you will be able to look for clients. You control the hours of service based on your availability.

At present, no states regulate personal training or require a license to practice. However several have proposed bills that it could be legally practiced. But there are some respectable certifying organizations, like the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), provide education for personal trainers.

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