Benefits of Side Mounting Boat Lifts

One of the most exciting purchases that many people will ever make is when they purchase a new boat. Boats can provide a significant amount of entertainment, recreational options, and can be enjoyed for decades. While boats are a lot of fun to have, they do require some regular upkeep and will require you to have a lot of additional equipment to ensure it is kept in good overall condition. One item that all boat owners will need to have is a boat lift. A boat lift is a device that will help to lift the boat out of the water when it is not in use. This will help to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the boat, and will greatly increase the useful life of the boat.

In most cases, a boat lift will lift the boat from the front or back of the boat. These boat lifts are ideal for people that have large slips to work with. If you have a limited amount of space, or do not have a slip that is designed for a traditional lift, then you may need to find another option.

One option for people that cannot have a traditional boat lift is to get a side-mounted boat lift. A side mounted boat lift can be placed along a pier or other place in which you pull up to the side of an exit point. The side mounted boat lift can then be placed by the pier. When you are ready to end your day, you can then pull up to the side of the pier and the lift will be able to lift the boat out of the water.

One retailer that has a strong reputation for selling quality boat lifts, including side mounted boat lifts, is Lummar Boat Lifts. Beyond side mounted boat lifts, the company sells a wide range of other products to help with your boat. These include front boat lifts, cradle beams, boat hoists or motors, and many other boat parts. If you are looking for a boat lift or need any other product or part to help fix or improve your boat, you should click here to find out more about what the company could sell to you.

Variety Is Crucial When Searching for the Ideal Wakeboard Tower

For those interested in purchasing wakeboard towers, a great selection can be key in finding a suitable option. Thankfully, Wake Essentials offers wakeboarders an array of well-constructed towers, each of which possesses their very own benefits.

The following is just a sampling of the many great towers available from Wake Essentials. Whether strength is paramount, or if you are looking for a tower that fits easily into your budget, there is sure to be an option perfectly suited to your individual needs.

Big Air Storm Tower

For a tower that exudes both aesthetic appeal and functionality, look no further than the Big Air Storm Tower. This tower is characterized by its rugged construction, which ensures that it will stand up for the duration. Strength is an important factor for affording a safe and secure wakeboarding experience, while also ensuring your tower will remain functional no matter what.

The Big Air Storm Tower also features a universal design, meaning it will easily attach to most boats on the market. This is extremely important for avoiding the costs associated with custom-fitting a tower, which can become very expensive.

In addition to its many other great features, the Big Air Storm Tower also offers a bit of appeal when it pertains to appearance. This is due to the tower’s unique sidebars, which resemble lightning bolts for the perfect finishing touch.

Big Air X Tower

When looking for a tower that is both convenient and durable, the Big Air X Tower is just what you’re after. Thanks to the front to back mounting, this design is well-suited to carrying heavier loads. This is crucial for keeping your tower intact during a wakeboarding session, which is important to maintaining a safe ride for all.

Another great feature of the Big Air X Tower is the easy folding ability. This is important when collapsing your tower for storage purposes, which can result in a far simpler after-boating experience. In addition, the universal mounts allow the Big Air X Tower to attach to a variety of boat sizes and layouts, increasing the convenience factor even further.

Big Air Wave Tower

Styling is a key feature of the Big Air Wave Tower. The newly implemented swept forward design not only looks fantastic, it can also prove quite rigid when hauling higher capacity loads. Load capacity can be an exceedingly important factor when choosing an appropriate tower.

The Big Air Wave Tower also offers easy storage capability. This is thanks to the easy collapsing design, which allows a single person to collapse the tower without assistance. Such design allows for storage in most standard sized garages, which can make for one highly convenient experience. Racks are also included with the Big Air Wave Tower, providing the ability to store a total of four wakeboards at a time.

Fun and Adventure Await

When seeking a wakeboard tower, there are few key items to look for. From function to appearance, the right tower will offer a variety of features that make them highly attractive to a number of wakeboarders. Whether you are a seasoned wakeboarding pro, or are delving into the sport for the first time, Wake Essentials has an appropriate tower just for you.

Great Time At The Lake

Well oh well.  Summer has officially started.  Swimming pools, lakes, and water parks are getting busy again.  Inflatable pools and swimming gears are highly in-demand.  And splashing in the water is very inviting.  Summer fun is on!

Speaking of splashing in the water, my friends had a great time at the lake today.  It’s my friend’s birthday today and she liked it to be held in the park at the lake like last year’s.  Though everyone was sweating to the triple digit temperature this afternoon, the breeze helped cooling us down a bit.

We were at Collin Park Marina.  It is located in Wylie, Texas and one of the most visited parks in Wylie.  There’s a boat ramp, restaurants, and gift shops in the Marina.  You can reserve pavilion for special events.  Camping, boating, and other outdoor activities can be done at the park and lake.  Entrance is $2.00 per person and $2.00 per vehicle.  The parking area close to the dock/boat ramp is strictly for boat owners only.  As what I have noticed, there are picnic cottages by the lake but looks like they are not well-maintained.  If you are planning for a picnic by the lake in the park, having it under the tree is better.  Alcoholic drinks are not allowed in the park.  But you can drink only inside the restaurant.

We had a great time.  Birthday + Food + Sun + Lake + Friends = Fun!

Heading to the restaurant-Collin Park Marina
View from under the tree-Collin Park Marina