Snowy Day

It was snowing on my birthday.
It was snowing on my birthday.

I remember few years ago we went to Oklahoma to celebrate my birthday.  It was cold and snowing that day.  It was pretty white all over the place.  I had a great time and so is my husband.  We both enjoy having some little entertainment in Oklahoma.  I think it became a tradition that we go there on a personal special occasion like our birthdays and wedding anniversary.

I like road trips.  I enjoy sightseeing as well.  When we stay at hotels, I like looking at paintings and fixtures.  I admire how the interiors are done and how beautiful the surroundings is.  Pardon me if I sound ambitious but, I love traveling and staying in luxury hotels.

LeAnn Rimes Concert

Choctaw Nation Event Center

My girl friends and I went to LeAnn Rimes’ concert at the Choctaw Casino Event Center in Oklahoma about three months ago.  It was a quick invite.  I saw the concert details in their website and I thought I would try to see of my friends will see the concert with me.  So I sent them an invite on Facebook.  Gladly many of them had responded.  Actually, my two girl friends in Fort Worth also went to see the concert with me.  My cousin wasn’t able to watch because the concert was on a Saturday and her husband works every Saturday.  There’s now way she could leave her two little girls with a babysitter.

Some of my friends were checked in at the hotel already because they decided to spend the night in Oklahoma.  The concert ticket said that the concert starts at 8:00 P.M. and the gates opens at 7:00 P.M.  I got there at 6:00 P.M. and waited for my friends who are coming from Fort Worth.  While waiting, I tried looking for the concert venue so I entered the casino.  I asked a staff and she gave me a direction.  So I followed the way she pointed.  When I got to the place, I didn’t see a poster or a sign for LeAnn Rimes’ concert.  So I doubted that it was the right venue.  I walked and walked until I got to the hotel’s lobby.  I saw a security staff and asked where is the concert for LeAnn Rimes.  The guy told me that event center is across the street from the hotel.  It wasn’t very far, he said. I just have to walked thru the hotel parking lot and cross the street and there’s the place.  Well, after walking around for like 30 minutes, I finally found the venue.  My friends from Fort Worth arrived a bit passed 7:00 P.M.  Good thing they came.  🙂

We had fun at the concert.  LeAnn Rimes’ performance was great.  She sang our favorite songs “I Need You” and “Can’t Fight The Moonlight”.  Picture-taking wasn’t allowed at the concert.


After the concert, my friends and I went back to the hotel to relax for a while.  Those who were not spending the night including me drove home at midnight.

The Choctaw Grand Tower Hotel

Beaver’s Bend State Park Is Also A Camping Destination

Few weeks ago we went to Oklahoma for a family weekend getaway.  My family and I visited the Broken Bow Lake in Oklahoma.  My husband said he, together with his brother and nephew, had camped here in Beaver’s Bend State Park.  He showed us the spot where they camped out.

In the photo below, he was showing us the place leading us to the camping site.  My darling daughter enjoyed following her daddy.  We’re following the leader. 🙂

father and daughter walking in the woods
Following the leader-daddy.

Surely it is a great camping destination especially this summer school is out (here in the US).  You, your family, and friends will definitely enjoy being here with nature.

One of the most interesting part of our visit here at Beaver’s Bend is seeing a Loon.  Yes, it is a bird.  A diver bird.  My husband was amazed seeing it and he told me and daughter about it.  At first he was trying to figure out what type of bird it was until it dove for at least 30 seconds under water.  Then he figured it was a loon.  I timed it’s second and third dives and they were about a minute each.  Wow!

Loon bird.
A loon.
beautiful landscape at the lake
Dear husband and darling daughter were looking for crystals.

On the second day of our trip was just purely exploring and adventure.  After breakfast we went to the lake again and looked for crystals.  Although we had our swimsuits on, we didn’t swim because the water was so cold.  ‘Couldn’t stand it.  So we just played with the waves as they splash on the bank.

Small crystal
Hubby found a small crystal. Yay!
girls by the lake
So cool waters and peaceful place. I love it!

We left Beaver’s Bend State Park at about three o’clock in the afternoon.  It’s about three hours drive home. I did the driving all the way.