Helpful Moving Checklist

Moving into a new place or a new house is not easy.  There are many things to consider and it needs a lot good planning.  My husband and I moved twice.  First, we moved to Fort Worth for employment reasons.  Second, we moved back to the house for personal reasons-we are building a family.  Everything went well for us.

But the moving itself was a huge work.  If you moving or planning to move, this checklist might help you keep organized.

1.  Plan your move in advance.

2.  Inquire if the mover is licensed & verify their license via the regulatory agency in your area.

3.  When asking for an estimate give an accurate count of boxes, types and sizes of furniture, and the floor of your apartment, etc.

4.  Ask for the quoted price in writing & make certain all arrangements regarding your move are documented.

5.  As what forms of payment they take.

6.  Check your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance to see if it covers moving accidents or inquire if the mover offers additional liability coverage.

7.  Have a friend or family member assist in supervising the move.

8.  Keep your phone connected during the move to resolve any problems that may arise.

9.  Ask if surcharges or other costs may be added during or after the move.

10. Get a receipt/copy of the final signed agreement.

11.  For a mover’s license status, complaint history or to file a complaint, call the nearest State DMV office near you.

12.  For additional complaint history inquiry, call The BBB at 713-868-9500 to locate The BBB in your area.

Dream Home

Thanks to Roman May

Last month we moved into a house on the lake that is twice as big as our previous home. One would think that this home was custom built for us. It has all of the luxuries we always wanted in a home. We have a large sunroom with floor to ceiling windows. Our master bedroom is on the main floor and we have all of the cabinet space we could ever want. The main floor is very open and it is great for family gatherings. It has a great yard where we built a fire pit. My husband is obsessed with keeping the yard perfect. We have everything moved in and set up. The only thing we have left to do is have an alarm system installed. My husband told me he found one at that he wants to get. It is really important to him that I feel safe in our home because we are much further from our friends and neighbors than we were in our previous home. I love our new home and I think we will probably retire here.

Unfinished Job

Moving is a hassle, I tell you. From packing things up to unloading them to the new place, it is really a ton of a job. Now I know why my husband hates moving.

We are back to our house more than a month now but we haven’t finished unpacking our boxes yet. Some are still in the garage waiting to be opened. The kitchen equipment and utensils were the priority so we got them organized first. Next was the bedding sets (the furniture was already arranged ahead from the time my husband emptied the storage). Some of the office equipment and supplies are the ones left behind. But the computers, table, and chairs have been set up because we needed to have Internet as soon as possible. And for entertainment, the tv satellite service was contacted ahead of time so we have had a connection fast.

There are still loose things here and there. Bags full of cleaning supplies. I couldn’t even think of a place to put the rest of the office supplies. Plus the little nick knacks like board pins, mailing envelopes, business cards, and others are still waiting to be organized. I need to buy a business card holder and a table organizer soon. Whew! To me, moving is a mess.

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